Local API Endpoint - is it possible/happening?

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I have a home automation setup based around Raspberry Pi’s and various other devices and added several Z Wave modules about 6 months ago using the Razberry Z Wave controller on a Pi. The modules work fine most of the time but I do see occasional issues with the controller - mainly due to software issues in the Razberry software. I get that, its cheap and not great - time to invest in something a bit better.

I purchased Smart Things a couple of days ago and have been tinkering and have managed to integrate it into my existing systems just fine, the last hurdle of these was writing a SmartApp to allow my simple WebApp GUI (for the family to use, nice and easy, big buttons) to control the ST devices - all done and working fine but it appears that the API calls from this have to be directed to a cloud based URL. The internet connectivity round here is far from reliable and I need a system that will work locally without an internet connection.

Looking around here and online it seems that the option of a local endpoint for APIs was discussed and maybe even in the pipeline a year or so ago, but I haven’t been able to find any further info. Anybody know if this is still happening or should I return the ST and get a Vera Plus?

No local access really is a deal breaker for me I’m afraid. I will be disappointed if ST can’t do it as otherwise it seems like a great and well polished product. The accessories in the starter pack work well too.


Yes, all custom apps run it the cloud and cloud only. That’s never going to change. If you need local control, get Vera Plus.

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Oh bum, thats a shame. Been getting quite settled with ST but I will get shot if the Mrs can’t turn the thermostat temp up because the internet is down :frowning:


You can send API requests to a local IP that belongs to the hub (via a SmartApp that creates LAN devices and listens for LAN requests from them) but those requests are simply proxied to the cloud for processing, therefore still requiring the internet connection (even when your RaspberryPI connects to a local LAN IP).

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I recommend using Homeassistant on your Pi, and using that to automate your system. You can use your Smartthings hub as a Zwave and Zigbee receiver.