Live Code Fridays 10/16/2015 8pm EST

Join host Patrick Stuart and special guests as they discuss the latest news in IoT Devices and Smart Home Technology as they code up new solutions and solve problems (and create some too) using the SmartThings platform and web based IDE / mobile app.

Message me you google account / email if you want to join the hangout on the show.

If you don’t watch this i’ll send this guy to your house…

Don’t test me. I’ll do it!

I can’t watch it, I’m hosting. Please don’t send him to my house…


This Friday

Watch as our host attempts to livecode an intruder alert system with automated “locks follow me” logic! Don’t miss it!

LOL! :smiling_imp:

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New to all this and happy to see this kind of video series!

Where can we send some $$ to pitch in for some halfway decent mics/headsets!? :smile:

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