Linking Two Dimmer Switches Together

With all the new changes to smartthings, is there any way to simply link two dimmer switches together to follow dimmer level and on/off status?

Brand and model of the switches? Different models have different features in this regard.

There are the same ways there have always been, at least I’m not aware of any new ones.

If both dimmers are Z-wave, you can use association to link them. Search the forums for details.

If you can install the new Smart lighting app, you can use it to sync multiple devices of any type. There will be a slight lag between them.

Smart lighting is region-locked for some reason not revealed by Samsung. If it’s available to you, you’ll find it by going to the Automations page in the app. Tap the compass icon (top, second from the right). Scroll down to the section labeled Smart Apps. Note not Smarter Lighting which is just some example Routines.

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They are homeseer WD200’s I looked for association linking but dont see anything.

You can still use zwave direct association. If it is not exposed in the manufacturer’s official driver, a community developer has created a configurator driver, that you can use temporarily to set the associations.

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Try this. Read the thread carefully. Or search for “z-wave association”

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