Linked Services: Any way to unlink by separate Location (or exclude individual devices)?

Is there any way to Exclude (or hide) Devices from a Linked Service from an Individual Location?

Linked Services (Menu > Gear/Settings > Linked Services) are applied to the entire “Account”, rather than the separate/individual “Locations” under the account.

For example, when the Ring Service is linked, it gets connected to all of our separate locations:

My SmartThings Account:

  • Home Location (Ring is Connected)
  • Work1 Location (Ring is Connected)
  • Work2 Location (Ring is Connected)

The problem we’re having and trying to solve for is this: All of the Ring Doorbells show up in ALL of the Locations:

  • Home Location shows Ring Home Doorbell; Ring Work1 Doorbell; Ring Work2 Doorbell
  • Work1 Location shows Ring Home Doorbell; Ring Work1 Doorbell; Ring Work2 Doorbell
  • Work2 Location shows Ring Home Doorbell; Ring Work1 Doorbell; Ring Work2 Doorbell

Our work-around has been: Move the Device Cards of the Doorbells we don’t want to see to a separate custom Room Name (such as “Not Assigned to Home Location”; “Not Assigned to Work1 Location”; “Not Assigned to Work2 Location”) This is not ideal since when we share say our Work1 Location with Members, they see/have access to all of our other doorbells.

Ideally, we’d like to Exclude a given Ring Doorbell from a given location:

  • Home Location: Ring Home Doorbell is ONLY visible in Home Location
  • Work1 Location: Ring Work1 Doorbell is ONLY visible in Work1 Location
  • Work2 Location: Ring Work2 Doorbell is ONLY visible in Work2 Location

That is strange. I have Ring linked to my ST account and it only shows up in my home location.

The only things that I have that show up account wide are Alexa, Google and SmartThings-CLI

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I see the same behavior. I have access to my mom’s Ring with my account and when connecitng Ring to ST, it brings in my mom’s device with no way to exlude it. From what I understand, that is how the new integrations work. Its all or nothing. Seems shortsighted and not tested for sufficient use cases to not have the ability to exclude cloud integration devices that have options to be invited to other’s accounts and exist at other locations.

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I see the same behavior with my Linked Honeywell/Resideo Thermostats/Devices as well :face_holding_back_tears:

If you try to link a service like Ring to multiple ST locations it will bring all devices into all linked locations which is a pain.

The only work around that I have found for Wiz was to have separate Wiz accounts for each location and then link them individually to the different ST locations. This is a pain but it works for Wiz. Not sure if it would be the same for Ring.

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Ignore below and read my follow up post :slight_smile:

I don’t believe that Linked Services are based on Location but rather based on Samsung login. So you if you have multiple locations under the same Samsung account, I don’t think you can link different 3rd party services using separate accounts.

Now, what is interesting is that I have Ring as a linked service and all my cameras and doorbells appear in both of my locations. However, I also have Ecobee linked and those devices only appear in the location where they are installed. So perhaps it depends on how the 3rd party did their integration with ST.

All I can say is that I use 2 Wiz accounts to keep my Wiz devices in the Proper ST locations.

And my Ring cameras only show up in my home location.

Actually, I stand corrected. Looking at it a little deeper, you can have separate linked services at each location. So your solution of having separate accounts for Wiz should also work if you create separate Ring accounts for the cameras in each location. The problem of all cameras showing up in all locations is the result of having all your cameras under a single Ring account that is used for linking in multiple locations.

I have the same problem for multiple linked services. These services are designed to be able to control devices at different locations within the same login. Creating multiple accounts isn’t easy and often doesn’t work. So I’ve used the solution to create a “error” group at each location with the duplicated devices.

It doesn’t make sense that a product like Smartthings that supports multiple locations can’t integrate multiple locations from other services. And if you use the IFTTT app with smart things you are limited to controlling devices at one location under a single login.

Numerous people now have multiple homes - there has to be a better solution with a single sign on.

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SmartThings added something kind of interesting that may provide somewhat of a solution, at least when inviting OTHER USERS to control devices:

In the Devices Card, Top Left,

  1. Click QR Code to Invite Members, go to Permission Settings (Labs)
  2. Select Control Devices Only
  3. Select “Only Use Specific Devices”
  4. Then choose the Devices you want to control (I excluded my Ring Doorbell at my office for example)
  5. Then ask the person you want to invite to scan the QR Code (send them a screenshot?)

This way, I can keep my office doorbell out of hands of my house users.

It also limits the User’s ability to make changes to the system.

Maybe this is a sign of a feature yet to come to assist in these multiple linked services?

Right now, my work-around is similar to yours in that I’ve created a “Room” called “Not at Home”, then I drop my Office Devices (such as Ring Doorbells & Thermostats) into it. I moved it to the bottom of my Room “Manage Rooms” so it’s last in the list :slight_smile:

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