Linear GD00Z-4 or Telguard GDC1 Garage Door Opener

I am thinking of snagging one of these two garage door openers. My understanding is that the GDC1 is more reliable and that the GD00Z-4 has more features (because it is considered an open/close device), but am I not understanding that properly?

I can’t find any comparisons so does anyone have an opinion on why you would pick one or the other?

@Everette, the GDC1 is basically the MIMOLite without all the other bells and whistles. Depending on how/where you get the GDC1, it will come with a wired contact sensor for open/close similar to the one I used with my MIMOLite. I’ve posted pictures of it in the Community, so do a quick search on “MIMOLite garage door magnetic contact” and you’ll see one of the posts.

If I had to do it all over again, personally I’d go with the GDC1.

I have two of the gd00z and they work fine… not sure what could be added …

I haven’t heard of reliability problems with the Linear, it’s popular in the community.

Both are UL listed as garage door controllers, so I think it’s just a personal choice. :sunglasses:

After looking up the GDC1, I think the statement above is somewhat confusing depending on how read.
The GDC1 is a Mimolite WITH bells and whistle.
The GDC1 has a visual (flashing light) and audio alert (5 seconds of beeping) when it is activated.
Which does agree with john’s statement about doing it over with the GDC1; a smarter and safer route.

The only difference I can see between the GDC1 and the Linear is the GDC1 has a wired sensor. Linear has a wireless sensor. Like JDRoberts said, personal choince really.

I have the Linear device and haven’t had any issues with it.

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So there really isn’t a difference between the two?

From this thread, it looks like the GDC1 only shows up as an on/off switch which means you can’t tell if it is open or closed on certain “unknown” conditions?

You took my words too literally, but I should have said the features (bells and whistles was a slang term) of the MIMOLite are not in GDC1. The MIMOLite does a whole lot more, whereas the GDC1 focuses just on a garage door device.

No, it also shows open and close. Watch the short video clip on their website on connecting to ST.

I’m currently waiting for the Aeotec Garage Controller, which I hope will be available in the next six months.

Just out of curiosity, but why? What advantages does the Aeotec have?

Looks like a nice set up, and I’ve got a set of other Aeotec gear I’m planning for Wave 4 of my HA deployment :smiley: