Line and load Connecting smart dimmer switch

Does anybody know what happens if you connect the load cable in the line spot of the switch and viceversa??

Depends on the exact model of switch and your exact wiring. Don’t do this unless you know exactly what you’re doing, or bring in an electrician who does.

I accidentally swapped them on an Enerwave switch when first installing. It didn’t function at all. Cut the power back off and swapped them and everything works great.

Nothing will happen is all. It won’t function.

I was perfectly clear on which wire connect to what spot but incredibly I connected them the other way. The result? It didnt work, the i realized my error i swapped them and worked perfect afterwards.

One more question.

I have a multiswitch spot in the wall (3 switches in the same spot), but i only have 1 neutral wire. Can i connect the new 3 smart switches to the same neutral line?

Are all the 3 circuits on the same circuit breaker? If not then it’s not a good idea.

Yup same breaker for the 3

Is it safe to connect the 3 of them to the same neutral line?

If they are on the same breaker, yes: It will go to the same spot in your panel. Whatever you do, never use ground as your neutral.

PS - Not sure on code worthiness of that, but that’s a much better alternative to using ground (which again, never do).

since they are on the same breaker you are good

It won’t work correctly. It’s using the hot (brass screw, black wire) to power the wireless capability. You could mix up load and line on a GFCI switch and all your daisy-chained outlets would still work, but you wouldn’t get the protection from electrocution.