Limited Space - Need Solution

I have used micro switches, Zooz and GE switches for lighting so far (plus lamp modules and some outlets). However, I have a fairly shallow box with a 3-switch stack on it (see or attached picture). I really want to add Z-wave to a couple of these, but there just is not room in the box for either option. The first switch controls a string of small LED lights running under my deck and in the 6x6 posts. Is there another option that I could use to control these? The other light is simply an outdoor fixture (with 2-3 candelabra bulbs). Anything I could do there besides just changing all the bulbs to Z-wave bulbs? Thanks.

Instead of putting microswitches in the same box as the existing triple switch, is there room where the lights are? You may have to fiddle with wires and protection from weather, but it’s worth a shot.


I’m going to guess this is a single gang box? Room to expand to a double gang? I have a double I’m looking at expanding to a 3 gang box soon because of this.

But from the measurements the Qubino or Enerwave dual relay might fit and that takes care of two of the switches at least.

Can you install a bigger box?

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@mwiseman, absolutely.

Are your walls standard sheetrock which is most construction these days? If so all you need to do is go to the hardware store and get a double, triple gang box make for post-install (installing the box AFTER the walls are put up). Ask someone if you’re not sure. Then you will (turn off the power). Remove the existing switch (labeling the wires if needed). Remove the old box (don’t lose the wires in the wall) and cut out (measure 3 times you can cut more, harder to put back) and then put the wires into the new box, install the box into the wall, install switch etc etc. Done.

Or call a contractor or electrician and pay someone… there’s a lot of videos out there. It’s not that hard if you are comfortable with hand tools and saws.

LOL… I replied to your question not paying attention who was asking it… oh I’m tired tonight.

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Agree with jeubanks. I have replaced countless boxes in my house. Here is a post describing what I do and a saw you can use to remove the existing box:


No problem. I was asking because I agree with you – it’s not that hard to put a bigger box in the wall.

Unfortunately, a bigger box is not an option here. It is on a small wall between a window and corner. It is already a 3-gang box with 2 other switches beside this stack switch (which is the reason they used the stack). I did replace one of the normal switches with a Zooz, but not sure what to do with the couple on the stack. May need to figure out how to put one by the lights. Any good guides for that? (will search forum later if no quick info).

Put a second box below the first?

Try this: