Lights stuck on with Fibaro 223 Double Switch

Hi, I’m having a weird problem with a Fibaro 223. It’s been working fine but one channel now has the lights stuck on. Pressing the switch on the wall and the button in the app reports in the logs that the lights are off but they keep shining away. The other switch continues to work just fine. I’ve tried the default Fibaro DTH and the excellent DTH from @erocm1231 and have the same issue. I just can’t find anything that could be wrong in the configuration and I haven’t changed anything. Started a week or so ago, went away, now come back again. Only thing I can think of that might be relevant is that we’ve had a series of power cuts recently. I’m guessing that the Fibaro has developed a fault but thought I’d seek the wisdom of the community before I start looking to replace it.

Hello @black-paladin,

This topic has been already touched, maybe you can find a solution here:

When connecting the Switch 2 act in accordance with the following rules:

  • Do not connect loads greater than those recommended!
  • Do not connect types of load other than resistive or incandescent!

If you use Switch on inductive loads then the contacts may weld together.

Ah, thanks @FIBARO_official, this explains my issue in that I have changed the lights from incandescent to LEDs which I now realise is not supported, as you say:

That link had a suggestion to tap the Fibaro switch which did indeed free the contacts and all is working again now. I had an automation with a motion sensor that triggered both S1 and S2 LED loads at the same time and separating them with a delay solves the problem.