Lighting Automation - Auto off after motion?

Can someone verify what the “auto turn off after “x” minutes” does when creating a “turn on when motion” automation. Does it:

  1. After turning them on -turn off the lights after “x” minutes of no motion
  2. Turn them off “x” minutes after being triggered regardless of whether there has been continued motion

If it’s #2 as I suspect, then in order to do a normal lighting automation (without the smart lighting app), you’d have to create a “turn on” automation and a “turn off” automation for every motion automation right?

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You are correct. You will need seperate automations for on with motion and off with no motion.

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ugh, I really wanted to use automations over smart lighting (trying to transition in preparation for edge), but there’s no way I’m doing 2 automations per room/motion.

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The funny thing is that delayed (after x minutes) automations are not running locally (at least no icon in my iOS app)