Light Timer

Hi @bravenel

I see I’m bumping an old thread but I just installed your smart app and noticed something. I set it up to turn off a porch light 5 minutes after it is turned on and this works nicely. What I noticed is that in my iOS ST app, the device still shows as on after the app turned it off. If I then click the button to turn it off, the button shows “TURNING OFF” for a while. I can toggle it back on and off again and that all works from the app.

I don’t know if this is related to your app or ST itself but I thought I would mention it.

Thanks very much for your work!

Thanks for that Brilliant bit of Code…
Helps me keep my Garage from Burning through my light bill.

I think this is a nice option, but I noticed some sluggishness/lack of response in the app from my devices after installing it as well. I wanted this to turn off the bathroom fan 20 minutes after the bathroom light was turned off, because I would go outside and forget I left the fan running and the next thing you know, the fan has been running 2 hours and exhausting either my AC or heat through the bath vent. Here is how I achieve the same functionality with Smart lighting:

  1. Create a virtual switch (Bathroom fan virtual switch)
  2. Have the bathroom light turn on the virtual switch when the light switch is turned off.
  3. Use power allowance to turn the virtual switch off after X (20) minutes.
  4. Have the bathroom fan switch follow the virtual switch.

The only problem or quirk is that if my fan switch is on and the virtual switch is on before the 20 minutes passes to turn it off, as soon as the bathroom light is turned on, both the fan virtual switch and the real fan switch immediately turn off. You just flip the fan switch back on if you need it, so this is not a huge issue, but something to be aware of.