Light switches

Hi. I have 3 light switches in my living room in different places 2 are just the old school light switch and the other is dimmer switch today tired to finger out why the dimmer switch only works for the lights in the living room I’m trying to figure out why one switch work and the others dont why is that I need help it has made my day a nightmare what do you think the problem is

It’s really hard to understand what you’re asking.

For one thing, please use punctuation to indicate when one sentence has finished and another has started.

Also, please describe in more detail how your lights are wired. I have no idea from what you wrote if this is three switches that control one fixture, ie a 4-way switch? Or do your switches control more than one fixture (independently)?

Lastly, are these smart switches? If so, what model? Do you use a SmartThings hub?


You should really consider hiring an electrician. From your statements above, I get the impression that you are not really electrically savvy. In my honest opinion, it would not be advisable going in without the basic understanding of the difference between a 1-way switch and a 3-way switch.

No worries, an electrician will be able to help you understand the basics, as it pertains to your house, and install your first couple of switches. From there, you will be better equipped for future installs.


Excellent advice for anyone without the necessary knowledge of basic wiring or the appropriate electrical code. A bad choice can kill you by electrocution or start a fire…


I have 3 different light switches in my front room. We are only useing one ATM. Is there a Facebook page I can message you on so I can send the video.