Light Routine to change colors to music?

I’m trying to decide on smart light bulbs, I would like to eventually schedule automations so when I do a trigger such as push a button the lights change colors to some music. I’m wondering if there are any lights that support this kind of scheduling, or if Smart Things does. I’m thinking of a schedule like below:
0:00 lights go blue
3:30 after trigger lights are green

Any ideas? I have been combing product reviews and specs and just not positive.

This is an official feature of Phillips hue lighting (nothing to do with smartthings), but you need the Phillips hue bridge and you need to have a Mac or Windows laptop to act as a server. Then you just use the official hue app and an official hue download program for your laptop. It works really well with lights which are attached to the hue bridge. :sunglasses::musical_score:

If instead you want to preprogram it based on specific time intervals, rather than actually listening to the music which is being played, you can certainly do that with a smartthings hub, and any colored lighting which works with smartthings. But it’s a lot more work than the Hue official feature, and you may at times get small amounts of lag which can throw off the effect a bit.