Light Dimming with AEOTEC Nano Dimmer

Hello guys,
I’ve been struggling to solve my lightning issue but couldn’t find a way out. I’m from Brazil, and, of course, got a ST hub. I’m intending to automate the lights of my master bedroom and TV room using the Aeotec Nano dimmer so I can keep my original switches (yes, I have to), but the thing is: both of this rooms have a three way system to turn on/off the lights… In the master bedroom I have 3 switches connected to 1 light circuit that I want to dimmerize and in the TV room I’ve got 2 switches connected to 1 light. The big question: can I keep my ideia of using the nano dimmer? If so, I have to buy one nano dimmer to each switch and they will “talk” to each other, sending the updated light status to the others? Or just one nano dimmer for each lamp will work everything out?
Can anybody help this out?
Basic Schematics: