Light Dimmer / Fan Control Question

Hell All,

I have been searching these forums and not sure what to properly search on what I need.

I have a switch that control a ceiling fan that has 4 lights, and I want to be able to control the light strength of the lights. The best solution would be use Philips Hues. However, my ceiling fan only allows smaller sized bulbs a15 (E12).

I was at Home Depot and found levation dimmer switch which could be a nice solution. My question is if I do that and then want the fan working I’m out of luck. There are smart fan control switches but then I cannot control my lights.

What are my possible solutions?

So what capabilities do you have right now? Does the switch turn on/off both fan and lights no independent control? Remote? You might want to confirm the number of wires going to the fan. If it has black, white, bare(green), and red. Then the black/red could possibly be used for independent light/fan control.

At that point its just a matter of putting a dimmer on the lights and on/off or fan control on the fan. Assuming you just have standard 2wire (black/white/bare) going to the fan then you could still put in microcontrollers in the housing similar to how you would a remote’s receiver. In that case you would just want to avoid using the wall switch as if you cut power downstream those devices wouldn’t have the power to turn back on.