LiFX Group of Groups

Currently I use the LiFX Group of Groups DTH and SmartApp by @whoismoses to control my LiFX bulbs and avoid the popcorn light effect (i.e. all bulbs in a room turn on together and dim/change color together).

Thankfully I’ve moved everything over to Edge except this pesky problem. I tried to replicate this with a Virtual Light (@TAustin) and Smart Lighting but the color selections don’t seem to be passed to Smart Lighting, only on/off and level. Also, I now have the popcorn effect happening of course. I would be eternally grateful if someone could restore this functionality for me as I’m sure many other LifX users would.

As a sidenote LiFX DOES have a LAN control which would be nice to utilize but not necessary.

For reference: [RELEASE][UPDATED] LIFX Group of Groups