Lifesmart WiFi LED hexagonal lights (similar to nanoleaf)

Anyone seen/tried these yet? AKA quantum lights. They are small, not sure if wall mountable. You can connect up to 10 blocks. 3 blocks for $37…

very interesting …always wanted a NanoLeaf set… but i keep falling back to the same predicament that my house is too classically furnished to fit them somewhere :frowning:

I bought a set of 10 from Amazon. Absolutely love them although they are significantly smaller than nanoleaf. They seem to be sold out all over now.

I have bought 30 pieces and places them on my wall can either put them on the wall with screws or with double sided stickers.And the light react to music and thats sooo much fun to look at.I am looking less to my tv and more at my lights.The light are much cheaper than NanoLeave and in my eyes a lot better.
they have more functions and more controle options.

do they work with smartthings?

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