Leviton Z-Wave switches (VRS05-1LZ)

I purchased the Leviton 5A Incandescent Switch (VRS05-1LZ) and had it and it’s remote for the 3-way switch installation, which was done by a certified electrician. The switches themselves worked as they should before I attempted to “connect” them to SmartThings.

I then attempted to connect this switch to SmartThings hub, using the “Leviton 5A Incandescent Switch” option. I did so, but it never worked. I “Excluded” this device following the instructions and tried the connect for the Leviton VRMX1-1LZ. This seemed to work–sometimes. At other times, I could not get any response.

I reset the switch again and tried the connection for Leviton DZS15. This also works, but the response is very slow. I press “On” and nothing happens for up to fifteen seconds. The same with the “Off” command. Sometimes nothing happens at all, no matter how long I wait. The green indicator on my ST app does change from “Off” to “On” regardless whether or not the lights actually turn on or off.

Has anyone else tried to connect and use this switch and who has been your experience? Thank you!

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. A number of members have used this switch successfully, although it’s become less popular since it only supports incandescents. You can search the forums for specific discussions.

It is on the official “works with SmartThings” list,

so you should be able to get help from support once they return after the holidays. Write them at support@smartthings.com