Legrand Adorne Touch switch with Aeotec Nano-Dimmer smarts

So how are you integrators planning on controlling the adorne products thru ST when the artik cloud shuts down on May 15th? Is there another option?

Here is the On-Q Tech Support response:

Hello Ross,

At this time, no action is required, and your service will not be disrupted. Samsung and Legrand are working together to transfer your service to a new cloud. You will be notified when the transition takes place.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Legrand customer support.

Phone: (800) 223-4162, Option #3
8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. EST
Email: tech.support@legrand.us

Legrand Customer Service

Hmm interesting…I hope they can eliminate the middle man cloud and give us the ability to connect directly to ST/AT.

I would not expect any architectural changes. I suspect that the companies (Legrand, for one) that have a large customer base invested in the Artik Cloud will simply assume the costs of running the existing service (as opposed to Samsung). That might just make for a slower death for the Artik Cloud as they figure out what is next. Who knows?

I achieved a much simpler solution by designing my own board that fits snugly (1.6 inches square) behind the front plastic cover of a Legrand Adorne touch switch. Power is supplied by the Nano Dimmer (3V3, GND) which is switched (S1, COM) by a touch to the pad.

Ross, wondering if you’d be willing to post some specifics of this solution. I’m trying to figure out if it will work for my needs. What remains of the LeGrand Adorne Touch switch? Just the face of the touchplate, or does your pcb connect to the switch’s contacts? Could a cheaper Adorne switch work, if I’m just cannibalizing the face? Thanks

Almost nothing. My intent was to preserve the look and replace everything else with a Nano-Dimmer with a touch pad interface. For the look, I used a Legrand Adorne wall plate and the front plastic cover of a touch switch. I also reused the LED. I tossed the rest of the Legrand Switch touch switch (bought on ebay).

Power is supplied by the Nano Dimmer (3V3, GND) which is switched (S1, COM) by a touch to the pad.