Legacy Z-Wave Devices and Hub Firmware 28.11

I have Fibaro single switch 2, it is z-wave plus device but also impacted.
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I didn’t know about this problem and made reset to factory on my single switch, now I can turn it on but can’t turn off remotely since it always display “off” in both ST app ((

Already updated to latest firmware 28.12. Is there any way to fix it?

Does SmartThings fail to fail to report on/off state changes when you physically turn the switch on or off? If not, it is doubtful that this is the same issue. If you factory reset the device after the release of 28.12 (9 December 2019), you also would not be impacted.

It’s not fail, I can turn on it via ST app, but after refresh it will show state “off”. The same if I change switch status manual, ST app don’t show any errors, it works as usual but always show status “off”. I did it yesterday, at this time version 28.12 already was installed. So yes looks like it is the same problem and 28.12 firmware doesn’t resolve all issues

UPD: Looks like the problem is in Fibaro Single Switch 2 DH provided by ST app

I am having an issue with a few of my z-wave devices that have been online and working for years this week!

Two door locks using Rboy (@RBoy) universal device handler(s). One Kwikset, one Schlage. Both show being offline. Neither respond to commands to lock or unlock, yet both are providing instanteous updates to manual lock changes or code entries. I also have a GE (Jasco) outdoor plug that has worked flawlessly for years just not respond to commands anymore.

Any thoughts or ideas from the group? Is it just sit and wait? That’s crazy. None of my locks are working on any hub command anymore!!!


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