Fibaro Dimmer 2 Sync Pending

Is this still being investigated or do users go down the road of sourcing new dimmers? Thanks

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Same question as the above poster ^^

The Fibaro integraiton in general seem to be a bit dodgy atm, with the Dimmer 2 being the worst out of the bunch… :frowning:

I wonder if this is only a problem for people who have dimmers on firmware 3.05?

i can verify that all my dimmers are running ver 3.05, and are experiencing the same issue :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:

It seems we are in the minority having this problem this is why I think it could be firmware related as we have recently bought dimmers with newest firmware, the only problem with that that is my first one was working fine for a couple of months before Christmas. Has anyone tried contacting smartthings support about this problem I had a reply from fibaro on another thread but it wasn’t any help as they just told me to do a zwave repair.

This seem to be a general z-wave issue since the latest firmware update (28.11/12):

…apparently only supposed to affect “legacy” zwave products, but us and a few other in the above thread seem to have the issue with zwave plus devices as well.

If this is indeed a system wide zwave issue I find the lack of ST response very discouraging :frowning:

Agreed. Awful support from Smartthings :weary:

Think I’ll try an Aeotec and if that fails too, going to go for a homey hub and ditch Smartthings…

It’s a shame because smartthings has been good so far for me especially with zigbee devices and its user friendly but I’ve also been looking into hubitat if needed but hopefully not and they sort this out. I have also opened a ticket with smartthings support which we should all do so they get the point.

Had a look at hubitat after reading your post. Certainly gets great reviews. The thing I will miss with Smartthings is the actiontiles - I have three iPads wallmounted running it. If hubitat has a similar interface, I’m going to give it a go.

I’ve made up my mind. Hubitat it is for me. Impulsive, yip, pissed off with Smartthings most definitely

Wow that was quick I’ll be interested to know how you get on have you got many devices to swap over? I’m only a few months into home automation and got smartthings so I’m not going to jump ship just yet :thinking::smirk:

About 110 devices but if it works, it’ll be worth the effort. :grin:

Bought a Hubitat on eBay. Hopefully will arrive tomorrow. Will let u know how it goes with fibaro gear. :call_me_hand:t4:

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Hmm… found something connected to Fibaro switch 1 which to my untrained ears sounds similar…? Tried replying there to see if it can be related…

I have two Dimmer 2 switches that I have been using with no issues but I am using a custom device handler from Codersaur. Reports fine in both the new and old app even when using the physical switch or webCore. Hopefully this helps someone.

Hubitat arrived this morning- have set up 10 of my devices so far including 2 fibaro dimmer 2’s. all work flawlessly and absolutely instantly including scene selection. Really impressed :blush:

Thanks for the update glad it’s all good so far I had a look at the app it seems a bit clunky have you tried that yet?

Yeah, the app is a bit on the crude side but very small price to pay IMO. wish I had met u months ago as I’d never heard of Hubitat before. Thanks very much for the recommendation :+1:t3:

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Any news on this? 3 out of 4 (seemingly) identical dimmers work as they always have done, but not the last one. Symptoms as described in numerous posts in this thread.