Leeo Smart Alert Smoke/CO - $29.15

Showing $49.99 for me.

EDIT: NM, I see the $29.15 one now.

It has an IFTTT channel/service, so you can get smartthings integration that way.

I have one of these and like it. They recently added the ability to recognize some leak detectors, which I found to be a much more cost-effective way than buying individual networked sensors. You can buy throwaway leak detectors at four for $16. Or a good reusable for about $12. Either way, it made more sense on my budget then trying to add a networked leak sensor in every location. We find the Leeo covers our whole house easily, including the garage, but it’s not a big house. You might need one per floor. But basically if a person can hear an alarm, the Leeo can hear it.

Main uses:

  1. notify us if we’re out of the house and one of the alarms goes off

  2. turn on lights or other devices if the alarm goes off

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I bought this on Monday and it arrived today.
Looking forward to hooking it up and integrating to ST via IFTTT.
I really like the light feature it offers, as it will work for me like a very cheap Hue Bloom or similar notification light when set up through IFTTT.

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I bought one for $25 and for that price it is a pretty cool device. Besides the obvious features, the IFTTT integration is handy.

For example, I have a rule that it changes to a blue color at 5pm, if it will rain the next day. At 10pm at night, it changes back to white, to server as a night light. That way, I am always aware of the next day weather.


I use these to trigger a virtual switch in ST for smoke alarm alerts. Works very well. used the uDHT from @Mike_Maxwell to convert the IFTTT notification into an actual smoke alarm in ST’s system. With these you don’t need z-wave smoke detectors, far more flexible in my opinion.


Here is a step by step how to integrate with ST here. See post 5

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I will add that to mine this week.
My Leeo has been a very nice addition for $30. Smoke detector, temp alert, humidity alert, and color changing light? Yes please!

For anyone who may be interested, I started working out a device handler specifically for the leeo. Personally, I don’t care for another thing cluttering up the family section of my smartthings app, so the udht wasn’t for me. I’ve never made a device handler before this so there is much work to be done, but it works much the same as the udht, relying on IFTTT triggers (and then sometimes to artik cloud) to unlock for carbon monoxide and close for smoke. It has the moisture alert as well.

I’m still trying to figure out the kinks for the garage door capability not showing up on the artik cloud, even though it shows up as a door control when selecting for artik. Color control WOULD work through artik cloud sending commands to leeo through IFTTT, but every time it triggers, ifttt reports an error with the leeo service. Also, I am trying to find a way to set the temperature and humidity via core. It does work with the smartthings security smartapp as well, which was one of my main goals. Lastly, it does have the switch capability, but I’m using that to change the color of the leeo with shm status, so I don’t keep setting off the siren every time I open the backdoor in the morning. Very much a work in progress begun last night.


That’s cool. You should start a new topic for your device handler if you get it working well and want to share it with others.


I’m actually blown away by how well it is working. I’m ironing out the kinks with typos I thought I got rid of but keep popping up in the app, and then getting the temperature and humidity is all I have left to figure out.

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Looks great! I would definitely like to try it out.

i sent you the code through PM. forgot to mention you can dismiss each of the individual alerts by pressing the corresponding symbol.

My Leeo has been sitting in its box for months waiting for ST integration. Would really like to test this. Thanks in advance.

I would like to test this as well.

Count me in for testing

Honestly it’s exciting to me that I’m not the only one looking for something like this. When I get home today I’ll start a new thread for this and send each of you the code. Keep in mind I’m not by any means an advanced coder.


Why not just set it up on its own? ST integration would be nice, but it’s still gonna alert you if one of your smoke/CO detectors is going off while you’re not at home.

I actually like it more than any other connected smoke detector because it sends you an audio clip, which helps determine whether there’s really a detector going off in your home, or just a false alert.

Ok, I messaged everyone who was interested. But for anyone else who comes along,


I see the point of not setting it up, even though I also see your point and like my leeo. Personally, I would prefer to have everything within one ecosystem. Having Leeo integrated, for those of us without a nest or halo, we can take have more actions triggered by the smoke being detected.

Yeah, but if it’s not setup then you don’t even get an alert!

To each his own. Looking forward to seeing your device handler.

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