Leeo $25 at Lowe's



Great! I needed a cpl of lst minute gifts. These should go great with the Zcombo’s I’m gifting

2 for $40 with $10 coupon. (add a $0.07 washer #61697 to get to $50)

Don’t forget to save more with TCB

Shame they are 240v versions at least from the listing.

Looking at the reviews it’s actually 120v. :slight_smile:

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Are you replacing you ceiling SD? Isn’t the point of SDs to he high to detect the smoke?

The Leeo is an additional alert. The smoke detectors should tell Smartthings to send an alert.
The Leeo is a backup. It hears the other detectors and send an alert

You have smart Smoke Detectors in addition to leeo?

Yes, It is not a smoke detector. It is a Wi-Fi microphone that listens for your smoke detector to go off and then sends out an alert.
If you have a bunch of dumb smoke detectors and you don’t want to replace them all with smart ones, you just get one of these.
Great if you live in a complex that has central hardwired system.


I do too. I’ve had my Leeo since they were first released, and have since bought a couple Halos to help supplement a few dumb smoke & CO2 alarms.

I also have a mix of smart and dumb water-leak detector/alarms (dumb ones are basic 9-volt Bulldogs)

In addition to smoke/CO2 alerts, the Leeo can also alert on dumb water-leak alarms. Leeo also has robust IFTTT integration.

The Leeo works like a champ - very simple and very reliable! At this price, it’s a no-brainer, either as a primary or backup alert system. Highly recommend!

Thanks for this deal alert was waiting for this to go on sale, great deal with free shipping and 10% off coupon!

I like these as a backup to my smart detectors. I also like the temperature and humidity feature with logging the last 7 days. The night light is a good feature. I have it set to come on at sunset with IFTTT. Using a virtual switch, I have it turn off at night with the whole house. I got one for my Mom’s house. I can have it alert me if there is a problem there.

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I ordered a couple… Thanks!

Is there a ST DH for this. Did a search but seems like couple just going through IFTTT?

Will the Leeo pick up the sound correctly when it’s a linked system in which one detector sends out a signal to all others so that they all sound the alarm upon detection anywhere in the house?

I have heard that some of these microphone-based detectors have trouble when it’s a linked system like this, but I just don’t recall for sure if Leeo is one with that problem, or if it works as intended/expected.

In my tests at home, the Leeo had no problem correctly picking up the sound from my interconnected hardwired smoke detectors. As an added bonus, it can pick up the sound from an inexpensive water/leak detector. It distinguishes the sound between the leak detector and smoke detector and reports it appropriately



Sweet! Thanks, Ernie. :slight_smile:

These work well, to well LOL. I was on speakerphone with my daughter and the smoke alarm at her house was going off and I could barely hear it, well a couple of seconds later I get an alert from Leeo and the phone call. Too funny.


Just did some testing with a hard wired interconnected system and no issues picking up the alarms. Integrates nicely through IFTTT and WebCore to turn lights on, etc.


So I was watching Live PD and there was a fire at a housing complex in IN… then I got this call from an 855 number… at 1130 at night. It was a recording that Leeo detected an alarm… from my TV


Anyone know where to buy a Leeo Smart Alert? Seems they are not available anywhere (their own site, Best Buy, or Lowe’s). Have they been discontinued?