LED ZigBee Light Driver -- developer help needed

Does any body can guide me to create ZigBee driver for LED lights that can match Samsung Smarthings Hubs. If there any solution how to create this please do reply here or can email me at mona082016@gmail.com, Need it urgently…Appreciate your help

Are the lights certified for the ZHA profile?

If not, are they certified for the ZLL profile?

If not, are they using those clusters even if they are not certified for those profiles?

Just being zigbee isn’t enough. But if they are certified for one of those two profiles, they probably will already work with SmartThings using one of the existing device type handlers.

If they are not using the ZLL or ZHA profile, they might not be able to work with SmartThings at all.

See the following ( this is a clickable link)

If the lights are commercially available, we’ll need the brand and model number.

Thanks a lot this is really helpfull. You see our lights not that famous now still trying to be more recognize by all people & still trying to make names in the known brand. If I have this module is it possible to match the Samsung Smarthings Hub (NXP JN5139 IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee Modules). You see if there is some body can make 1 sample of the driver & give us the details how to do it we willing to pay…:smile:…Thanks

Can you find out if it is using the JenNet software stack or the zigbee pro software stack? Both are possible with that device line.

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@MONA Sounds like you are the manufacture or representing them. If so, can you please post the ZigBee configuration of your light to this thread. We need the profile supported (ZigBee Home Automation or ZigBee Light Link) a list of supported end points and the clusters supported on each end point. If you provide this information clearly and explain your goals I bet someone on the forum will be happy to help you. The key is to take your time and clearly explain what your looking for. There are several device type handlers already out there and it may be a matter of modifying one of them. But we need your configuration. This should be very easy for you to get your hands on.


@JohnR I actually represent my employer which would like produce LED light drivers wich can match Samsung smarthings. I understand that we have to use ZigBee light Link (ZLL) but we have no idea how so here I would like to know if there is anyone who can help us to create one driver which match Samsung smarthings…Thanks a Lot

@JohnR, or maybe if there is any company that can train us how to do and provide us sample for us it would be more helpful.

Sounds like your in the design phase. Just so you know the SmartThings hub does not support the ZigBee Light Link profile. It supports the ZigBee Home Automation profile. If your device is a Light Link device you will need to use another hub and then connect it to SmartThings over a cloud connection. Most Light Link devices support both Home Automation and the Light Link profile. When they connect to the SmartThings hub they are using the Home Automation profile.

I designed and manufacture the CoopBoss.com it is a ZigBee HA device that has received full certification from SmartThings. I have also written articles on how to connect a device to SmartThings for Nuts and Volts. I would be happy to consult for your company if your interested send me a private message.


We are pleased to hear this from you. We also glad that you can guide & consult us about this matter, but before we proceed can I check with you how much do you charge for this types of consultation. Sorry to ask you this it’s because I need to report back to my superior…:grin::blush:
Sorry I’ve try looking for your personal email but didn’t find can you give me your email address.
Thanks a lot
We look forward to cooperate with you sooner.

It actually does support ZLL but lacks any documentation to use it. Some built in zigbee zll bulb dths use zll but that code is not publicly available sadly.

What a great, open platform. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear I was talking about the ZLL security profile not the cluster commands you use to send to a ZigBee color light. Those commands are documented in the ZigBee cluster library.

It has always been my understanding the SmartThings hub is a Home Automation hub and does not support the ZigBee Light Link security profile. There is no way to join a ZigBee Light Link bulb to the SmartThings hub using the ZLL security profile right?? The bulb has to join over the Home Automation profile. If this is not the case it would sure be good to know. Thanks for chiming in!!

Good to hear from you!! Are you doing consulting these days? Feel free to reach out to these guys if your interested. I have several projects in the works and not really looking for another one.

I haven’t tried it, but I remember awhile back ST upgraded the zigbee stack and included the ZLL security profile info for ZLL joins. Still maybe unimplemented or undocumented for sure.

I took a new job in San Diego, knee deep in a move, so not taking on new projects either. Plus my retainer has gone quite a bit up in the last year :slight_smile:

San Diego, moving away from the great white north!! We were just in San Francisco and can sure see the attraction!! Congratulations!

That’s very cool on the ZigBee stack I will do some hunting around and see if I can get up to speed. Thanks!

I’ve tried to send you a private message but your email address are not found

okay try John.Rucker@Solar-Current.com

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