LED Strips/lights

We could also send him down the route of buying some non brand led strip roll and a fibraro rgb module so he can go down that path. I usually try to keep it simple stuff at first for the requester and let it expand from there, otherwise it can be overwhelming and it’s bad enough how long I ramble on about simple simple suggestion or recommendation. :joy:

If you want an all in one solution that is not WiFi or Philips, you can get Sylvania strips

Also as mentioned above, you can get a compatible controller, power supply and RGBW light strips but this is a little more complicated.


Z-Wave Hard to find at the moment. I’m guessing because it is being replaced by Z-Wave plus though I don’t see that model available.

Do you know the max length nonbranded led strip that can be safely used on the fibaro rgb controller?

I personally don’t, but I think I saw in one person’s thread that they had something like a 60 footer for rgb and another 45 footer for white. I will look for that thread and post it if I can find it.

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Here you go:


Yes. The only officially recommended way to use Hue devices with SmartThings is by using a Hue bridge.

The following FAQ details five different reasons why using the bridge is better than not using the bridge. Including the fact that you could mess up your zigbee network. (this is a clickable link)

It’s true that if you get some custom code technically you can add a Hue bulb to the SmartThings set up without having a Hue bridge, and there are some members who have done that, but you are opening up a number of potential problems for yourself, including the possibility of lost messages from other devices. :scream:


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Still not sure if I fully understand yet. I want to be able to tell Alexa for examples ‘It’s movie time’, which then tells Smartthings to switch the tv socket on, switch the tv on and set a specific colour on the hue LED strips. I don’t mind if this involves writing code/custom integration, as long as it works.

If I don’t opt for the bridge, can I still change the colours on the strip using the Smartthings app?

I also have Harmony Hub & remote.

My issue with having multiple hubs is they consume electricity and if I don’t care I’ll have hubs for everything which I think is just completely unnecessary so if I can get away with just using the Smartthings hub that would be awesome.

I use Lightify+ strips behind my TVs and entertainment centers. No extra hubs required. You can easily do what you are asking by using those and a couple of Scenes and Routines. You don’t need any custom code or additional hubs.

You might be able to still find the Lightify+ light strips on clearance at Lowe’s, but that’s a long shot. If not, you can get them on Amazon.

I live in the UK so we don’t have a Lowe’s. Would this be them?

Yup. That’s them. I have these around my TVs. I prefer them because you can put 1 on each side (sans the bottom, unless you purchase the extensions). Works flawlessly in my setup.

I was doing some further digging and it seems that I can use the Harmony Hub to control these:

Significantly cheaper. Can’t think of any negatives at the moment but i’m a bit of a noob with smart home equipment.

Out of interest - did you go for these in the end and if so did you get them working with Harmony? Looks like a cheap option for behind the TV if they work!

I bought the Tingkam LED strip and the way I managed to get it to work with Smartthings was to use Logitech Harmony hub.

How tricky was it to set up with the Harmony? Can you set it up to change colours by activating different harmony routines? I’m thinking of putting one behind my TV but would also like to use harmony for film mode etc. All of the current activities I have were easy to set up but I imagine this is a case of having to teach the remote?

It was pretty straightforward, the only difficult part was trying to find out what device to set it to but after that, it works flawlessly. Yes, you will be able to change the colours of the LED lights using different harmony routines and if you decide to go ahead with Tingkam LEDs then just let me know and I will let you know what I called the device name. The Tingkam lights are bright enough too.

Great, thanks for that. Have just ordered some that arrive tomorrow so will have a go at setting them up.

Okay no worries, I’ll check tonight and will update this thread.

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I set the device has ‘TINGKAM Light Controller’

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Thanks for that. They have not long turned up so will try setting up shortly

I managed to get it all set up - however if i use my remote at all the lights flicker, so turning up or down the volume for example. Do you have the same issue? I also had to add two power on commands as the lights came on and then off again!