Led Christmas tree lights don't turn all the way off

I have led Christmas lights on my Christmas tree and I have them controlled by a ge lamp module. I just noticed tonight that when I turn them off the lights still glow very dim.

Any ideas why and how to fix this?

Heres a good thread for you :smile:

HELP: Leviton DZS15 & LED Xmas Lights Issue


Yea I’ve actually seen that before. There’s a tiny bit of current that bleeds through when the device is switched off and LED’s require such little current current to illuminate.

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Using an appliance module / switch that does not allow any current bleed through would solve the problem. Typically, that means a switch that uses a relay (ie, one that clicks :wink:

I am not sure about the GE module, but the ST non-dimming module should work.

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I have the GE module and it had connection issues at first (due to the hub being near too many wireless devices) but it works now! It does not have dimming (like you said) but it works perfectly now (with LEDs and incandescents)! http://amzn.to/1QM6zDk

I wound up using 3 GE and 1 Aeon to run my display. Nice thing is that I just set the smartlighting to turn all on at sunset+15 , off at sunset+300 and changed the normal outside lights to on sunset+300 off at sunrise.
Much better , more synchronized than my old light sensor yard stakes where different parts of the display could vary up to 15-20 minutes depending on shadows, or come on in the middle of the day if it was cloudy.