Laundry Monitor

@bmmiller Thanks got it and it took. Thanks I been using your app and its working for me. Thanks again for the quick reply.

@bmmiller is it suppose to look for sono’s or another speaker as nothing shows up in my app? I have Sono’s. Thanks for your help

@llcanada Pushed another small update. Again, I don’t have any speech devices so I can’t test this.

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@bmmiller Just installed this. It did speak through my Ubi, but it said this instead of the message I had entered in the app: 2aec7d4a

Any ideas?

Line 88


needs to be change to


@byoung Should be good now. @kevintierney is obviously correct. That’s what I get for poor proofreading.

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I would also recommend changing it to something like

 if (speech) { 

This way, it won’t throw an error in the log if the user hasn’t specified a speech option

Someone really needs to get this published - it works so much better than the sensor attached to the washing machine if you have a front loader like I do.


Hi there,

I tried to use this code and it wasn’t working for me. Maybe i didn’t do it right. My washer turns off completely after it’s done. How do i get notify when it’s done? What do i put in under “Minimum running wattage” and “Minimum amount of below wattage time to trigger off”? I got confused at the system variables… Please help. Thanks much.
By the way, i have one of the Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch - DSC06106.

Minimum running wattage depends on the washer but a good baseline is probably 4W. This means whenever the washer is running, it is using at least 4W. Chances are it is using much more than that, but this is meant to help with false positives mid-cycle if the washer cycle changes and power usage dips well below normal running wattage.

Minimum amount of below wattage time to trigger off means how long does the washer need to report below the minimum running wattage, above I said 4W, before we say it is off for good. A good number to start with here is probably 60 seconds.

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is anyone else having issues with this not sending messages? It was working before but now will not pop up. I am able to have it send a text message.

Nope still works great. My wife and I get push messages (works better with our new washer that actually drops to 0w). Also get an alert on my amazon echo “washer done” “dryer done” using big talker smart app.

Can you elaborate on how you have the Amazon Echo speaking notifications with the Big Talker SmartApp?

I was using VLC Thing Device Type and VLC on my Mac bluetooth to my Echo and Sonos Notify with Sound to send notifications to VLC Thing.

I’m now using Landroid device type which talks to Lanouncer app on my Android tablet which it’s bluetooth audio is sent to my Echo

So what are y’all using to get notifications that your washer/dryer is done?

Thanks for the reply. Which code are you using? ours was working before upgrading to the v2 hub but i had to reload everything and i may not be using the right one. it shows up in the feed as happening but i do not get a popup. How do you like the Echo integration?

@Dave_Blanchard It is more than likely how you have it configured. Make sure you have Push Notifications enabled in the SmartApp itself.

It could be a wrong version I guess but push notifications were included in the first version and have never changed or been broken, but make sure you click the link a few posts above these and get the latest and greatest from Github. If you weren’t seeing it in the feed, I could say you have an older version with different triggers as later checks and balances were added in later versions, but if you see it in the feed, it’s configuration based or your phone itself blocking push notifications for the SmartThings app or something. I know this is possible in both iOS and Android.

Here is one other option i noticed and need to test. It is not set up as “home” in the smartapp when i added it online. Would not having the location set cause an issue?

I don’t think that should matter. When you add it via the mobile app, it associates it with the correct location.

Are you getting push notifications with other SmartThings apps? After v2, you had to add contacts a little differently and set them up for Push. That is in the mobile app configs and not apart of this SmartApp.

I tried everything and it is not working. It will send text messaged but we will not get notifications. So odd. I have popups when the mail arrives. so i know they are working