Laundry Monitor

Here is one other option i noticed and need to test. It is not set up as “home” in the smartapp when i added it online. Would not having the location set cause an issue?

I don’t think that should matter. When you add it via the mobile app, it associates it with the correct location.

Are you getting push notifications with other SmartThings apps? After v2, you had to add contacts a little differently and set them up for Push. That is in the mobile app configs and not apart of this SmartApp.

I tried everything and it is not working. It will send text messaged but we will not get notifications. So odd. I have popups when the mail arrives. so i know they are working

What do you mean by popups when the mail arrives? You mean your mail application and email? That’s really quite a bit different. You can disable push notifications at the app level so getting an email push notification isn’t a useful test.

yes I guess what i am referring to is push notifications from the smartthings app. it is clicked on in the laundrymonitor but doesn’t pop up. I am seeing it in the messaging feed though

Notifications Not Working with v2? I’m reading this now. this might actually be the fix?

That is what I was referring to in an earlier post about adding users and giving them the push ability. My question before this one though was whether you were getting push notifications for other SmartApps, from the SmartThings app. It sounds like you probably aren’t, which means you need to setup contacts correctly.

I am getting push notifications from Smart Mail Box so it must be turned on. That actually stopped working and I reinstalled it as well as repairing the sensor. I have done everything to my energy and smartplug for the wash and dryer with no success.

So making sure, this Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6, Gen5 works well with a washer? Can I use it for the dryer, also?

Yes it will work for washer… I wouldn’t use it for your dryer it’s only rated at 15amps

15A is fine for gas dryers.

@mattjfrank thanks

@bmmiller I only have an electric dryer.

What does everyone use for notification on the dryer?

I believe most people with electric dryers use vibration for end of cycle notifications.

I’m using this for a 220 dryer

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Yeah, the SmartApp would work fine with a 220v device. Just need the device.

So I am extremely interested in monitoring the washer/dryer but just wondering an update on what current devices you guys use for this? I’ve seen the SmartThings multisensor linked below but that damn thing is $40 a piece so not entirely convinced on $80 for both washer dryer just to get a notification of “your clothes are done” haha!

I know above there is also the Aeon Labs energy switch linked below (which I have one of) and I’m guessing your using that to flag when the machine turns off then you know the washer is done?

As far as the dryer it seems I will need a heavy duty switch like the Aeon Gen 5 one mentioned where I’m assuming the same thing can be accomplished with the dryer but I don’t seem to find it on Amazon yet which sucks!

Overall, just wondering an update of what devices you guys use now days for monitoring the washer/dryer as the OP for the app was created over 2 years ago haha!

For the dryer you could use a multi for the vibration. Gas dryers can get away with a standard Aeon Labs smart switch, same as the washer.

I don’t have anything set up for the dryer currently, just the washer, with which I am using the Aeon Labs smart switch. I wouldn’t necessarily buy it from amazon as I see them on sale for much cheaper all the time (my last 2 were bought for about $20-21 from buydig on ebay, and 2 minimotes for $17 each in the same transaction)

Know any good deals on a multisensor that’s not that SmartThings $40 one which is crazy expensive?

I have both an electric washer and dryer, no gas.

If you don’t like the $40 for the multi you won’t like my recommendation for the dryer.

I also have electric dryer and I use this, works just like the Aeon SmartSwitch that I use for my washer.