LAN Ethernet IP WEB Relay device

Hi friends!
I’ve a device LAN connected (no wifi, no zwave, no zigbee) perfectly working with http commands.
The device have 2 relays: using a browser you can set ON, OFF or TOGGLE relays state.
Commands are like that: - Turn ON relay 1 - Turn ON relay 2 - Turn OFF relay 1 - Turn OFF relay 2 - Toggle relay 1 - Toggle relay 2
My target is to create a ST device (or 2 ST devices?) and I need help to find best ST device handler to work with …
Thank you!

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You could start by looking at some of the audio device handlers and see how they handle on/off and mute (which maps to toggling).

I’m heading out now, but in brief you want to create a device with switch capabilities, use hubAction to send your commands when the switch buttons are pressed in the GUI.

Are there any commands to ping the relays’ state?

Hi @ppp. Can you confirm what brand the lan relay device is. I’m interested in seeing how these work too. Thanks.

One suggestion you might consider. I’ve used this virtual url switch device handler. If you have the network relay working from a browser and you can send unique URLs to change state, then you could simply use this virtual switch to send the commands. Set up as many switches as needed.

I’m ordering a relay to test it myself, a good idea for landscape lighting in the yard. Cheers.

Can you please explain “the network relay working from a browser”.

I know a lot about computers but I am new to Samsung Hub. I have an extensive home automation system which I built myself in ‘C’. It talks to a lot of IP devices in my home. Ultimately, I would like to get the Amazon echo to control things via the Samsung Hub.

Really am thankful for your help.


Thank you for help, friends.
NickW, with http url you “change” the relay state, the http url “is” a command ON or OFF.
I don’t know if it is possible to know the state of the relay. Probably not, so this board is not good to control lights but it is good to move for few seconds a screen or a garage door or like that.
Zala, this is the board:


I’m using a similar device, it’s a WEB relay board that accepts HTTP requests.
By parsing the HTML (or XML) in the response you can get to know the state of each relay.
I’m building the Device Type for it right now (since i cannot seem to find anything similar).
Since your and my device are almost identical (mine has 8 relays instead), i was wondering if you could use the handler i’m writing.


Did anyone ever figure this out? I have an ethernet connected relay board and would love to find a way to control it with ST

The board I have is below

Thanks Ross

Wemo Switch. It is fully operational in http POST/GET so just copy its code adapt to your need and you are done.

I really have no idea how to do that so I guess I should get researching and learning then.

Thanks Ross

How do I get the device handler for the webrelay? I have 3 webrelays by controlbyweb as well.