Internet connected things

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It occurred to me that I’ve been completely focused on z-wave (ok, x-10 as well) but isn’t the ST system capable of natively controlling Ethernet devices? I ask because I backed a KS project called FARGO which is a simple Ethernet relay control board - so… How does one interface something like that with ST?

(Andrew Urman) #2

Anything with its own cloud platform can be done cloud-to-cloud as it stands. For local LAN device control our firmware developer Doug is working on firmware that will enable various local protocols.

We looking at a month or so time frame for the roll-out providing everything goes well.

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Thank you Andrew. That will be most usefull.

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@Andrew - how would ST address the device (assuming the device has a static IP but may, as is the case with Fargo), have multiple relays. And how would the ST UI display Ethernet devices? My specific application for Fargo has Fargo sitting in a box with a Netgear WiFi to Ethernet adaptor and a high gain yagi antenna powered off solar for relay control of electric gate switches a good 1/2 mile away.

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(Brian Steere) #6

I don’t actually know the answers, but I can make some educated guesses.

The ST UI will display however the device type is setup. My guess is you will need to create a custom device type for your setup (unless it is common). Fortunately, creating device types isn’t as hard as I originally thought it might be.

As far as addressing goes, coming soon is the ability of devices to have preferences (as opposed to just SmartApps). Most likely you will put the address in the preferences of your device.

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Just expected the system was shipping with Ethernet and Bluetooth enabled natively with the UI bits worked out. Looks like ST is just concentrating on Z-Wave for the time being. I can live without cellular for a while - or use an external cellular gateway but this was sold as a multi protocol device. I’m getting close to relegating this to a secondary controller and re-enrolling my devices in Vera until this is stable/complete as advertised. Sorry but just having another Z-wave hub that’s still in “early stage of development” is somewhat lame. Nice case. Pretty good motion sensor. Cute tags.

(Darryl) #8

Does SmartThings have Bluetooth on it?

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The silence is deafening.

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It was supposed to. Maybe it crawled out during pick and place.

(Brian Steere) #11

I haven’t seen any mention of Bluetooth, but the Kickstarter does suggest rather strongly that Bluetooth is included.

(Chuckles) #12

The current hubs do not have Bluetooth built in.


(Duncan) #13

Regarding addressing, we’re doing UPnP, SSDP, and eventually Bonjour, but you might still have to enter IP addresses for some devices. I’m not familiar with Fargo, but if it’s accessible from the internet, you could probably make a device type for it today using the http methods.

(Solardave1) #14

Which again raises the question. The system was promoted and sold as being zwave, ZigBee, Ethernet, bluetooth(sort of) and cellular (sorry we pulled that at the last minute. Mae shouldn’t have to do anything more than we do to add/enroll a z-wave device. It was marketed that way. What I have is an IOT device that’s works great as long at the IOT is limited to zwave devices. Doesn’t d Bluetooth, doesn’t do Ethernet (although, maybe, somehow, if I have a shield and if I’m a programmer and if I am an engineer it will do something but not quite sure or to what extent). Not what you sold, not what we received. Man up.

(Darryl) #15

Hey Duncan, that’s how your doing discovery, but what about devices on the internal network that are IP controlled, that don’t use UPnP, SSDP, and Bonjour?

I.e. I have an irrigation controller that can receive HTTP Commands directly. My Webcam can function by HTTP commands directly as well. (I’m guessing SOAP or HTTP GET/POST)

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While I’m a bit disappointed that BT wasn’t included initially, I do wonder: What BT things are you trying to connect to?



Our Local Area Network (Ethernet) interface is targeted to work with via ZeroConf Methodology ( .

For auto discovery this brings on a few options (in progress) SSDP (used by uPNP) or (planned) the IETF Suite DNS-SD/mDNS (which Apple calls Bonjour). If it isn’t discovered by one of those two mechanisms I imagine the base URI(s) could be manually entered.

uPNP interfaces or other RESTful interfaces, as you mentioned, should be supported similarly on the top end after the URI is found / entered.

(Darryl) #18

Ok, that sounds fair… Do you have a release eta? (General sense… i.e. within the next 2 weeks, next month, next two months?)


(Solardave1) #19

Shouldn’t it be easy enough to enter an IP address and HTTP command (on the LAN).

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #20

But the Hub doesn’t have firmware to process any messages not originating from (or to) the SmartCloud’s IP address…

And how do you configure your SSID and password on a wifi light switch with only one button?