Labor Day Sales

Here are your Best Buy sales … not really a great sale …

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other deals…

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Damnn you…

I’ve been looking at the Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch to replace my Aeon switches, and now you just made me buy 5… My wife won’t like you now.


ha, ha, ha! Been there, done that! We need a #deals block


Curious, are you having issue with the Aeons? I asked in another thread if folks had used them successfully for clothes dryers (gas) as I had read they should not really be used for on that type of appliance. No replies yet.

I may grab some of the Zooz’s so I can used them on my fridges (I like the right-angle plug design).

Hi @Nezmo,

No issues at all, I’m just looking for new stuff to play with. I’ll move the Aeons to other places in my home.

I’m using the Aeons on 2 frigs, a microwave, washer, and a gas dryer for the last few years without any problems.


Thank you. Good to know.


Monoprice Labor Day Sale - Monoprice cuts 15% off select items via coupon code “LABORDAY” as part of its Labor Day Sale. Deal ends September 4.


if you caught it earlier, RBoy Apps is the official SmartThings partner for Monoprice. They’ve worked with Monoprice to create a deal for the SmartThings community: 15% of all Monoprice products with RBoy Apps Device Handlers. Use the code RBOY at checkout. Monoprice offers FREE standard shipping in the US.

You can find a list of all eligible Monoprice products on the RBoy Apps website ( in the Device Handlers page.


20% off ActionTiles through Monday 9/4: Coupon: LDSC-20p

… Might as well get the party started for ActionTiles too, right? :tropical_drink:

This is a great opportunity to save on ActionTiles “per Location (Hub)” License purchases. Normally $23.99 USD :arrow_right: $19.19 USD with Coupon Code LDSC-20p

:computer_mouse:Shop Now :credit_card:

Special Note: Assistance Fund for ST Community members affected by Harvey devastation…

For each license purchased using this coupon, ActionTiles will donate $5.00 to the charity campaign set up by @SBDOBRESCU, below. Of course, whether you purchase ActionTiles or not, please feel encouraged to look at the fundraising campaign description and drop in a few dollars if you can.


ActionTiles founder, @625alex, will personally match the ActionTiles $5 contributions too (up to a maximum of $1000).

So your License Purchase this weekend is a real win-win-win-win opportunity.

  • You get a super convenient, continuously improving, powerful, 5-Star rated, WWST™ certified web-app that is the #1 add-on User Interface dashboard control Panel builder for SmartThings. Features include unlimited customized Panels, secure sharing of Panels, PIN Protected Tiles, and more.
  • You save 20% off the regular price.
  • Thingterfaces contributes $5.00 to fellow ST Community Members who are dealing with significant losses and worries.
  • and Alex adds another $5.00 to double-up this bit of assistance we are providing to our SmartThings “Family”

Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!


APC Back-UPS Connect BGE70 125 VA 75 Watts 3 Outlets UPS for $20.99. Sale ends around 2am EDT on Saturday.

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Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub & App @ Amazon - $245.99

I wonder why they took the USB outlets out of it ( going by the pix ) . I loved these just for that reason. They were perfect for IP cams, Hue bridges, ST hubs etc that need constant power, not to mention charging phones. ( Yes I am too impatient to wait for them to reboot when house switches to generator ) .

There was an Options choice on the page -

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I have this unit. Very nice. I use it in my tornado closet (the place I go when sirens go off). It’s normal use is for my Router, SmartThings, and personal cloud. Protects these devices and provides power for Cell Phone / tablet / led light in case of alarm.

Still available in the M model.

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$40 !!! ouch, I paid $15-$20 each for them at Sam’s Club

Amazon Echo 99 and Netatmo Healy Coach 79 …,9BHI,2XJ9NC,XQZ2,1

Don’t think this is specifically a Labor Day deal but just one I thought I’d give a heads up on if you happen to be making a trip to your local Home Depot. A friend of mine text me the Phillipsue A19 color starter kit was on sale. He had been looking at my smart home setup and grabbed one to start his own. Told me there was one left but didn’t buy it because he knew I already had all the Hues I needed. Told him at that price he should have just grabbed it! Anyway, by the time I got by today, shelves were empty. We all know Home Depot clearances vary greatly by store. Just wanted to point out that they still pop up from time to time.

Sonos offering 15% off any one-time order through September 15, 2017.

Simply use code 15Y-PXTR73F24W at checkout.