Kuna Labor Day Sale

Looks like $50 off for the camera lights, and maybe $20 off companion lights.

Good price! I really like my Kuna.

I’m going to hold off buying a second one, though, until their HomeKit – enabled version comes out. It’s been announced, but no timeline. Just wanted to mention it to help prevent any buyers remorse later from someone who didn’t know there is a new model expected. I think the current model is excellent, and if you’re not intending to use HomeKit, there’s no reason to wait.

The monthly prices kept me away. I am already a Ring Doorbell user and have a need for 2 Kuna’s for side and patio lights, but I just didn’t want yet another cloud subscription on top of what I have already :frowning:

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Yeah, it depends on what you need. I have a completely separate security system, so I’m not using it for that. I’m literally using it as a video doorbell/audio intercom. So I’m not paying any monthly fees for the Kuna. :sunglasses:

It does make recordings, but it only keeps them for a couple of hours on the free plan. That works fine for me, I’m mostly using it on demand, anyway.

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Take the $50 off the combo that’s already disco’d $20, get one with companion for $228. I’m tempted.

Just noticed the 100db siren, oh man, that could be fun with solicitors…

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Still no SmartThings interface.:disappointed:

Is there any integration with ST for this? I’d need to be able to control it for some front door lighting situations I have…well need is a strong word here, but would like to. Not seeing anything in a brief search…

Nope, no integration with anything else. No open API, no IFTTT.

The future HomeKit integration is the first one they’ve announced.

When I get it, I’ll see if I can packet sniff it. Assuming it’s encrypted but who knows these days :wink: if it’s not I may be able to trigger a script on my router when a packet match occurs, then ST would be able to know when something happens, just nothing able to communicate the other way. I ordered the combo, should be fun to play with!


I would like to be able to turn the light on and off through SmartThings.

@JDRoberts HomeKit won’t help existing customers, regardless if there will be a bridge to SmartThings. I’m disappointed that there hasn’t been any integration with SmartThings or IFTTT.

It will help me. :sunglasses:

But you’re quite right, it doesn’t have any official channel integration with SmartThings.

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I am going to return the one I got from home depot. I misjudged the mounting base :frowning:

There is an “inofficial” Homekit integration for Smartthings called “Homebrigde” that lets you add Smartthings devices as Homekit accessories. I only use it for switches, dimmers, and Nest but other devices work as well. I have not tested this with iOS10 yet.

Homekit now supports scenes based on triggers (e.g. switch on/off). In theory: If you create a virtual switch in Smartthings and connect it to Homekit via Homebridge, you can trigger a Homekit scene that turns on the Kuna lamp that is also Homekit connected.

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Got mine today and installed. Video is nice quality, but camera is limited as to where you can aim it. Real time video however stucks. It records to the cloud fine but takes over a minute to show the video feed even when on the same network. It alerts immediately, but without video or voice working immediately, it’s pretty useless.

Also have to be very close when talking to it to hear anything on my phone.

Sent an email to support to see if it’s bad or just crap. Haven’t wired the companion until i know it will work.

The device itself is reasonable well built but not “high quality”, at normal price this thing is far overpriced.

I do like that you can use your own standard light. The alarm is like a foghorn which I actually really like, and the built in messages are OK. Can’t seem to record your own though.

Couldn’t imagine paying for the monthly service though, I have a full blown camera system that is far better for security.

I have a Hikvision in my door window. It’s good because it is in Blue Iris. But during the day there are a lot of shadows that block the person’s face. I have a light that goes on with motion but I that only works at night. So was looking at something else. It was between ring, skybell, or Kuna. I just don’t like the monthly fee and not integrating into SmartThings or Blue Iris.