Kumo Cloud (Mitsubishi Electric Heat/Air)

Can you share more details?
I can see current temperature and set temp in alexa, but not get those into smartthings. Any advice?
IFTTT has controls to raise lower that I could get into smartthings I think, but without the current temp and seeing it seems useless.

@korebreach thanks for the best types of articles on here for the ifttt device and what can support the network.

we found this article to be helpful: kumo cloud

I’m confused. :thinking:

That’s a link to an HVAC contractor site in California which has a number of articles about the Mitsubishi kumo cloud itself, but nothing about integration with the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform, which is what this forum is for.

There’s a brief mention of the fact that the kumo cloud does have an Ifttt integration, but I think most people here already know that, and it only provides basic functionality in a SmartThings context. I didn’t see any additional details or tips and tricks for using the Ifttt integration.

So I’m not quite sure what the point was? Was there something specific you wanted to say about getting smartthings integration using the new 2023 platform with the kumo cloud?

BTW, here is the link to the Ifttt channel if anyone needs it.