KUDLED - UK 1/2/3 Gang Switch

Just to confirm, This Remote http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-KUDLED-remoter-by-2-4G-RF-with-Zigbee-technology-for-KUDLED-lights-and-switches-free/32544185507.html?spm=2114.17010208.99999999.264.vniX7i
and this bulb http://www.aliexpress.com/item/8W-Intelligent-remote-control-led-seven-color-of-RGB-with-e27-by-2-4g-wireless-controller/32504401144.html?spm=2114.17010208.99999999.261.vniX7i are among the ones you’ve tested?

Yes. I have tested them and they work with ST too.

Do note, I didn’t get them from that seller, I purchased from Kudled China store directly.

Interesting I have one of these Switches sat in my shed at the moment. I assumed at the time it wasn’t compatible because smart things couldn’t pick it up. but moving to an in wall switch and discovered it was actually a distance problem instead.

I’ll have to find somewhere to install the switch but I’ll try to give it a go in the house this week.

Be careful, they have 2 versions of the colour bulbs. ZigBee or proprietary 2.4ghz

I ordered the ZigBee one but they shipped me the other.

I ordered directly from China taobao shop as well .

I had just placed order for the 3 gang to try. Fingers crossed.

As expected, managed to discover the device.

But no working device driver. Work in progress

progress is being made with the assistance of @sticks18.

I can control each switch singularly by hardcoding the endpointId.

Now to learn how to combine 3 endpoints into one.

@simic @Sticks18

Would you be able to share the device type for Kudled switch?

Check out Schneider Electric’s ULTI range of switches. Part of this range is Zigbee-fied… I have one of them (on off switch, not dimmer) and it works out of the box with my ST hub and best of all is, no neutral required.

I couldn’t find this in Amazon or ebay. I guess you need to contact Schneider Electric or their distributor in your area. I got mine coz I work in Schneider :wink:

Then you need to speak to your bosses and tell them they are missing a HUGE opportunity by not actively marketing the EZInstall3 range here in the UK!!!


They only cater for 3 markets according to the website. US, UK and Australia. If so, then why is it so difficult to find? Sounds like a huge amount of effort gone into R&D, design, production and launch… Then nothing, no marketing no distribution.

The bosses scratching their heads going why aren’t we selling any? What a waste of time and resource.

Having said all of that, I think a lot of people would like a traditional “Switchy McSwitchface” light switch, with either ZigBee or Z-Wave built into the backplate. Much more likely to pass the Wife Acceptance test than press-button light switches.

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**removed obsolete code


improved the code.

pressing on the simulator is able to sync with pressing on the physical button now.

but still not working when i click in the smartphone all. WIP

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I’ve just ordered a kudled 3 gang switch I thought it was worth a punt the for the kitchen lights. Thank you for developing the code Andy. I’ll let you all know how I get on when it arrives.


Pressure to get the code working :slight_smile:

Been busy at work. Will work on it again during the weekend.

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Works an absolute treat. It is z-wave and battery powered. Replaces your light switch and screws straight into the wall.

The device type and smartapp are here, and they provide single press for each of the 4 buttons, hold press, double click, giving you 12 different switches, in effect.

It passes the wife acceptance test, with flying colours.

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this devolo is like the aeon minimote?

i.e. it only works with exiting smart bulbs

whats so cool about the kudled 3 gang switch is that it hard wires into your non-smart light fixuture and make it smart. to be controllable by ST hub. I’m trying to make my dumb fan and lights join the ST.

smart bulbs even those from KUDLED are Expensive!

Hello Andy, As hard as I try, I just can’t find where you bought your Kudled switch from.
Can you help with a link. I actually only want 1 & 2 gangs.

Any assistance would be gratefully received.

Best wishes.

You can get the Devolo to do anything in SmartThings, not just smart bulbs

Andy is correct, what I want is a switch that will allow me to switch on the dumb GU10 bulbs in my kitchen by switching on each load/circuit - wife friendly, you press the button it switches, run an automation it switches off for example - after 2 minutes of no motion for example.

Or rather for me, I can ask Echo to run kitchen lights on, but the wife can physically switch the lights off without affecting the “state” of the switch, currently she switches of the switch and kills the smart bulb.

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