Kogan Smarterhome integration

So Kogan, an Australian based company, has released A LOT of new products that can be controlled through their ‘smarter home’ app. The devices range from kettles to aircons. Smarter home has been integrated into google home, which is very handy, but ideally I would love to be able to control my A/C units with SmartThings so they can turn on automatically when I come home and turn off when I leave.

I know I can control SmartThings devices through google home, but I can’t find any information on controlling it the other way.
Is it possible to control a google home device from SmartThings?
I can find information on sending commands from SmartThings to google for things link alarms but can’t find anything on controlling devices. Or would it be possible to make a smart app to integrate Kogan smarterhome with SmartThings?
I haven’t found any existing integrations other then using light bulbs buy setting them as ‘Tuya’ lights, but it has no A/C support, and I’m not familiar with the type of code that the smart apps use. If anyone would be able to design an app or know of a way to control google home devices through SmartThings it would be much appreciated.

Hi Shaun, interested to know how you went with this? I have a Kogan Smarterhome kettle and light bulb, and have just purchased smarterthings hub. I believe you may be able to get the two to integrate using ifttt?

Yes I do remember reading you could use IFTTT. I have never tried using it though. As I only intend to by Kogans smarterhome air con units, I ended up using a sensibo to control them, and I must say they have been working brilliantly. Every thing else is going to connect direct to the SmartThings hub via zigbee.

Hi Suby96, did you manage to find an integration for the Kogan light bulb with ST?

I have a Kogan smart bulb and a Kogan SmarterHome™ 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Camera that I would love to integrate with ST to be able to run some automation.

I’ve scoured the internet but couldn’t find anything.

SImilar problem for some Mirabella Genio lights I got from Kmart…