Integrating SmartThings outlet with Google Assistant and IFTTT

Hi all, just got my Pixel which has the newest Google Assistant, I was ecstatic to hear about its integration with SmartThings and IFTTT. As I was creating recipes though I noticed the only devices from SmartThings that are integrated are switches, locks, and sirens. No outlet compatibility has been integrated yet. Does anyone know when they will integrate this? If they are not going to integrate this feature soon, then I think I will get the Belkin WeMo Insight outlets, which are already integrated with SmartThings/IFTTT/GA combo.

The On/Off command from SmartThings only pertain to switches and not outlets.

Thanks in advance

The Google voice options are limited to switches, bulbs, and thermostats.

However, you can use a virtual switch, which then means you can tie the virtual switch to anything you want in smart things. Many people have done this without IFTTT even without a voice assistant.

Virtual switches aside, though, an outlet should be seen as a switch. In both zigbee and zwave, anything that has on/off capability is technically a switch. That includes a wall switch, an in wall outlet, an in wall relay, and a plug-in pocket socket. It also typically includes a smart lightbulb.

I can confirm this works just fine. I can use google assistant to turn on/off outlets, bulbs and virtual switches (to group all my bulbs). You just have to make sure they are added in ifttt as switches from your smarthome app!