Keypad for my new Samsung Smartthings setup?

I am new to ST, moved over because Iris is shutting down. Is there a keypad that works with Samsung Smartthings ? Nothing fancy, just works ? Any ideas , thanks.

Nothing out of the box. If you do a search in this forum, you can get the Centralite/Xfinity/Iris model to work with some copying and pasting.

Another method is to get an old tablet and action tiles. Then you can create a tile-based tablet / keyboard to control defined devices. Some have taken old Amazon fire tablets and have made wall mounts for them. You just need to get power to the site.

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As @Automated_House mentioned, nothing that works out of the box, but there are several options that work with custom code

See the community FAQ (the thread title is a clickable link)

FAQ: Can I add a keypad to control my garage door?

SmartThings announced a new keypad device is in development in January, but no release date was given. So it could be a long time before we see that one, if at all, but at least it shows they’re thinking about it.


Did you go with the ADT Smartthings or the non ADT Smartthings? The ADT panel has a keypad function in the touchscreen.

Failing that, yeah, if you have a 2nd generation Iris keypad, you can add the DTH and use it.

I should mention, many here aren’t super positive about adding on a keypad as it requires multiple setup steps to get it to work as you expect. Folks keep pointing to an app called ActionTiles on a wall mounted tablet, which of course presents its own set of problems, most notably providing consistent power for it meaning it must be mounted near a power outlet, many entryways do not have power close by. And you need to be creative enough to figure out how to attractively mount a tablet to a wall.

Each solution provides its own set of challenges, again which is why I opted for the ADT Smartthings setup with the integrated keypad in the touchscreen…

I am not sure what your concern you are trying to address is so please forgive my flailing to give you a workable answer here, but another thing to consider is a remote button keyfob assigned to the arm / disarm functions in Smart Home Monitor if you are using non ADT…

If you…

A. Have the Iris 2nd generation keypad.
B. Are willing to put the work into getting it running by following the directions and…
C. Aren’t intimidated by configuring custom code setups (it gets easier as you do it more…),

then I would suggest putting a little TLC into getting that Iris keypad going… It’s a good piece of equiment that really ought to be supported out of the box by Smartthings… Of course they don’t build em so…

Anyway here is a good writeup on the whole setup.

Best of luck to you and your project, and please let us know how it comes out!


There are lots of keypads available, ZigBee, Z-Wave etc. Each keypad is a little unique in terms of what features it has (built in sirens, motion sensors, panic buttons etc). The SmartApps you want to use with the keypad must be build to support keypads and also depends a little again on what you’re trying to do with the keypad.

Here’s a short write up on the different types of ZigBee keypads and their features:

If you’re looking at Z-Wave keypads, then Popp is the only full keypad option in the market (EU markets) right now.
There some mini keypads available like the Zipato which has only 4 keys v/s the 10 keys on a full keypad. So if you’re looking do something on your keychain or portable it would be a nice option to check out.

You can check out the first post here for some ideas on what you can do with your keypad (e.g. controlling garage doors, using it for Classic SHM, using it for Patio doors, trigger custom actions etc). It also has links to where you can buy keypads to put them around your house.
E.g. you could install one for each garage door, another one for arming/disarming SHM, one installed as an secondary keypad lock your door lock etc.



Would this keypad work with Smartthings and your app/device handler? Looking for a keypad to buy in Australia.

Unfortunately no. :disappointed_relieved:

Radio frequency 315MHz or 433.92MHz

That system uses a frequency which smartthings does not and does not have a radio for.

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Well it’s 2020 and we can’t get a keyboard… at least they’re cheap!

We have a Ring Keypad device handler coming out soon.


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Will this work with the new V3 app also?

Yes it does, we have some BETA testers who’ve been using it for a while. Just waiting to get one custom UI completed for the v3 app (there are bugs which ST needs to sort out), otherwise it’s good to go.


Here it is:


Is there a way to get the IRIS keypad to work with the new smartthings app? I had done all the work to get it to work with the classic version, but since I had to migrate to the new app and the latest update made my keypads worthless. I’d greatly appreciate any help.

If they’re useless, I’ve read the ring keypad seems to be compatible, is there any other options? Thanks for the help.

If you have a IRIS v2 or IRIS v3 yes, see this topic for details

Thank you for replying. I have purchased the license for using the Iris Keypad v2 with my Smartthings app. I’ve installed the Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock and the keypads show up as your email shows. Do I have to install the LUM to just arm and disarm my alarm? I did try to do this, and set up a user. However, it doesn’t seem to actually arm or disarm my system. I have to be doing something wrong. I couldn’t find instructions on what to do after installing your code. Please help. All I need is to be able to put in a code in my keypad and have it arm or disarm the system.

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If you have a IRIS v2 or IRIS v3 yes, see this topic for details

The device handler just allows SmartThings to communcicate with the keypad. Programming codes, arming/disarming etc are all features that are provided by SmartApps like LUM or RLA.
You will need to create users and then assign actions on what needs to be done when a user unlocks (disarms) or locks (arms) the keypad using the programming code. If you’re trying to synchronize it with STHM refer to this post.

Ok. I have LUM set up. I created the 3 virtual switches. I created a user. I’ve set up automations as described in the link you provided. In the LUM it looks a little different than the pictures in the link, but under lock/unlock actions, keypad unlock actions, is the control ADT using keypad or disarm ADT supposed to me toggled? I turned on the switches under the keypad options. When I put my code into the keypad I get a notification from ST that says it’s doing what it’s supposed to, however it’s not arming or disarming my system. Sorry to be a pain in the rear.

Please help. I’ve spent many frustrated hours trying to figure this out. The keypad sends notifications to my phone that it’s doing what I want, but it’s not actually arming or disarming my alarm. Last night I set the alarm from the ST app, and when my bf opened the door I got like 100 notifications on my phone. My siren never went off though. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.