KEVO + IFTTT Channel + Automations?

Now that KEVO has a IFTTT Channel, is there anyway I could add it to my automations? So when I click Good Night or Goodbye it would ensure the KEVO lock is locked


I believe you would have to have your routine flip a virtual switch which is connected to an IFTTT recipe.

Unfortunately, like many lock control mechanisms the kevo channel does not allow you to either lock or unlock the lock through IFTTT. There is no “that”

Instead, all you can do is be notified at the time that the Kevo is locked or unlocked so you can use that as an “if.”

Some companies limit the functionality in this way as a security measure. Harmony does as well – – no harmony activity that includes a lock can be executed from IFTTT.

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Just came across this because I’ve been looking for the same. It sounds like Kevo’s integrations still restrict it to being an output device, but I rigged up an automation with Alexa+Sonos using WebCoRE. We use Sonos speech-to-text to speak to Alexa when my car arrives in the driveway (“ask Kevo to unlock the door”, wait 7 secs, speak pin #).

Works quite well all things considered

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