Keeping Sockets and In-Wall 'Virtual' Switch in Sync?

I currently have two pocket sockets (actually Wemo switches) that turn on and off with Wemo rules. I am about to install a GE in-wall switch that will have no load but I want to use to also operate the Wemo sockets via a smart app for manual control.

I’ve been thinking through the rules and I’m concerned I may get in to a loop. Basically, I want to be able to run the sockets on rules but also be able to use the switch for manual control. I realize I can do away with the Wemo-generated rules and set rules in SmartThings via the new ‘virtual’ in-wall switch but that would still not address if someone turns the sockets on or off at the Wemo socket.

What’s the most efficient way to set this up so the Wemo sockets and the GE switch stay in sync?


Am I trying to so something that is not possible?

The switch is going in today so I will start experimenting later. I was just hoping for some advice.

Using CoRE
If you are not going to individually turn the sockets on and off independent of each other you can use a CoRE piston to do…

IF (Switch changes) {
 Using Socket1, Socket2

Toggle will just set the sockets to their opposite state of their current state. So if you always turn them on or off using the new switch or when using a rule operate them both the same way at the same time you shouldn’t have an issue.

Okay, I think I follow, thanks. I’ll be trying later today hopefully.

Have you used CoRE before?

It is a pretty simple piston. Here is an example I just built. In the case below both “Desk Lamp” and “Window Fan” are wemo insight switches. The Z-wave dimmer is wired for power, but no load is connected to it. Just like what you want to do…

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I have, yes. I’ll try your suggestion later. I still need to install the switch.