Help turning on/off another switch when another one turns on/off

I setup two pistons to turn on/off my kids bathroom fan whenever their bathroom light turns on/off, but it only works when I turn on/off the switch from within the app. If I turn on the switch from the wall it doesn’t work? What am I missing? I tried changes to on/off and is on/off for the if condition.

Did you use CoRE or webCoRE? Got a picture of the piston?

CoRE. No I don’t

Switch to WebCore…much better.

Brand and model of the switch? Do you happen to know if it is traveling through a repeater on the way to the hub?

Both switches are GE 12722. I’d imagine they are going through a repeater, but I don’t know how to tell for sure.

Also when my son turned on the light earlier, I heard the fan kick on, so I tested it and it seems like it’s working there is just a delay. Anywhere from 5-45 seconds.