Keep the dog out of the litter box?

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to keep the dog out of the litter box? Can I use a presence sensor and a siren? I want something that will scare the dog out of the room but still let the cat use the box.

Any ideas?

Presence sensor won’t do it, the range on those is 50’. The dog could be 50 feet away in another room and the siren could go off while the cat was alone in the room. Not the result you want.

My sister had a good solution in her house. She put the litter box in a room with a door that closed. Put a shelf on the wall on each side about 4 feet off the ground. Put a cat door in the door into the room with a shelf under it on both sides. Done.

Cat jumps up to the shelf on the wall, walks to the shelf on the door, goes through the door to the other side. Cat can get in the room, dog can’t.

She got the idea from a Dutch door that was in our house when we were kids. The cats would sit on the door ledge and mock the dogs. :dog:

My best solution at the time was one of those boxes that looks like an igloo with steps that go back into the box. Then I cat proofed my basement, installed a cat door and bought a cat genie. It’s been months of not touching the box followed by 1 day every 4 months troubleshooting it for the past few years. Such a great invention. I even use a aeon smart outlet to watch its current draw to monitor its cleaning cycle and creat a better sleep timer for it.

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