Keep dog off grass

Hi All,

Rather than using the typical motion detector sprinkler - i’d love to see if anyone has used something similar that connects to Smartthings. I’d like to have a sound go off (ultrasound?) or sprinkler when motion is detected on the grass only when certain conditions are met. I.e when sensor is closed.

Mainly because I want to let my dog use our grass when we are out there with her (based on door open) and when it’s closed to have it stop her from going on the grass and pooping.

So i guess my question is are there any dog ultra sound decides that work with smartthings? guessing not. or sprinkers -

perhaps if i used spruce… i could turn it on using rules engine… might be my only option ( i am thinking of getting spruce but have to install irrigation :frowning: )


You can definitely do this using the Spruce Irrigation system.
I have written some smart apps that help me turn off the sprinkler in certain situations like Party Mode, Upon Arrival etc.
@natec007 may be able to help you more, as it is his product.

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thanks mate. i guess it comes down to if there is an app that i can run to do it.

sounds like it’s the best option.