Keen Vents - How to control?

My smartapps are now officially approved by Keen Home:

They are available for download at my store:

P.S. The benefits of my smartapps are the following:

  • You can schedule the vents control (ex. at nights, open all my master bedroom’s vents to 100% or let the smartapp calculates the right vent level during the day).

  • My smartapps also work in conjunction with your thermostat’s setpoints to achieve the best comfort. You can not only schedule your thermostat setpoints but also the control of any vents inside a zone based on your rooms’ temp & motion sensors.

  • As an option, the smartapps can open the vents in occupied rooms only with a custom occupied threshold per room. You can use any ST motion sensors to detect occupancy.

  • There are many more features (apart from controlling the vents and setpoints): the smartapps can also average out all temp sensors in the active zones to ajust your setpoints at your thermostat (similar to the ecobee3’s follow me feature, but with more options) and set your smart thermostat to away or present (for Nest, Lyric and ecobee) based on all your motion sensors.

  • Some of my smartapps can also trigger the use of alternative cooling using any ventilator/damper/evaporative cooler/Big Fan switch(es) when some outdoor/indoor conditions are met for maximum energy savings.


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