Keen Smart Vents...was I swindled?

When I originally pre ordered purchased my Keen Smart Vents I was under the pretense that there would be a nice Keen app that I could set the temperature I wanted in each room.

When the vents arrived, I was told the app wasn’t quite ready yet, I got my vents early since I was using a ST hub.

Now that the app is around, it tells me that I have to use the ST app to control the vents since I use a ST hub and that the Keen app does nothing.

From my understanding, this means I can’t use the full features of the Keen vents, since control of those features is managed in their app. All I can manage to do from ST is open and close the vents. Is Keen not releasing a ST app? Did I spend $200 on vents just so I could close them from my phone?

I’m hoping I’m missing something, and if I am, can someone please tell me which apps help me get the most use out of these vents? Thanks!

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@melianguidry ,

Start here for a great app:

And here for custom device handlers :

Also, a search will yield more info on another app too.

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Thank you, I definitely appreciate this. I’ve been trying to avoid using the custom apps (though I know that’s why most people enjoy ST). I’m only techie enough to get myself in trouble, and I (foolishly) assumed Keen would develop something on their end that would be a published SmartApp that mimic’d the functionality of the Keen app.

I guess I learned my lesson not to pre-order things that claim to work with ST.

Well, technically they do for the most basic features; but when I think of that statement I also expect a little more than just on and off and a slider. :wink:

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Did you get the actual Keen Hub as well?

I did not, i was told i didn’t need it since i was a ST user

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Did all the ‘pledge’ levels state that they would come with a Keen hub?

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You really do need it It makes it an excellent zigbee repeater LOL…

I did a preorder on the website. I guess I’ll just email them and see what I’m missing.

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Just a quick update. I went ahead and emailed Keen and they told me I should’ve gotten the Keen hub, and they’ll send me one out immediately. They said you do need the Keen hub to get the most functionality out of it.

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Yes, I discovered the same thing. Below is my response from Keen:

Hi Brian,
You are correct in that our system is compatible with the Samsung SmartThings platform. The Keen Home app (which is not same as the SmartThings app) is only compatible with the Keen Home Bridge. Features such as room comfort control and, soon to come, room temperature control will only be accessible on the Keen Home app platform. The functionalities of your vents are, as you have experienced, limited to the functionality of the SmartThings Hub and App. I am sure that after reading this you may be a little bit confused as to why we market the Samsung SmartThings compatibility. We do this, because some of our customers already have their home fully equipped with the SmartThings suite of devices, ranging from home monitoring kits to water leak devices and prefer to have all of their devices operating on a single platform. Let me know if I can be of further help.

Jaih from Keen Home

On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 10:42 PM, “Brian” wrote:
I was VERY excited to receive my smart vent. Now I am not so sure. I have a Samsung SmartHub. On the website it said the smart vent was compatible. I was expecting to find a smart app I could use to control the temp from my phone. It does connect to the SmartHub and I can open and close the vent, but that appears to be it. Is there another app I need? Is there a Keen app for the smart hub.
If there isn’t I’m afraid I will be returning the hub.
Thank you,

They told me they would send me the Keen vridge as it should have been included with my order, so I’m just waiting for that.

I do think they were a little liberal with their “SmartThings” compatible offering. This will probably be the last item I ever preorder to go with my smart home.

Did you take @johnconstantelo advice and use @Mike_Maxwell 's SmartApp? It may actually be MORE functional than the official Keen Home app will ever be…

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I did not; mostly because I don’t have extra temperature sensors to use. Also, as I mentioned, I’ve been avoiding the user created apps mostly because I haven’t had time to play with one before to figure out how to get it working and I have questionable tech skills.

I originally had this kind of philosophy/mentality but then I realised I was missing out on the majority of what made SmartThings beneficial over all of the other competitors.


I just received the temperature sensors and they have to be the most cheapest made device ever just trying to open the battery stripped the back then you always have to get sticky take once you remove it and I couldn’t even get it to come on after I plugged in the battery very disappointed

Since I was similarly misled by the FAQ at the Keen website (Keen, Do I Need the Smart Bridge or Can I Use a Different One? | Keen Home Support), I have taken the time to re-write it as far as ST goes…

The True FAQ about Keen and ST Integration

The Keen Home Smart Bridge allows your Smart Vents to connect to the internet, the Keen Home App and to each other. It literally acts as the bridge between your vents and the Keen Cloud that makes them smart. If you want to control your Smart Vents or integrate them with the Keen Temp Sensor, Nest or Ecobee thermostats using the Keen Home App, a Keen Home Smart Bridge is required.

There are however community-built SmartThings SmartApps that provide similar or better control and integration of Keen Smart Vents and Ecobee as provided by the pairing of the Keen Home App and Keen Home Smart Bridge. The Keen Temp Sensors however are not yet known to work on SmartThings.

Two integrations I know about (and hope to try out soon):

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