Keen Smart Home Vents

Yep, I was just looking at your code @yvesracine. I personally don’t use it, but if others are, I’ll change mine back. Github will be updated shortly.


Any update on if you feel they are worth the investment?

By no fault of Yves app, I decided to offload my vents finally (new house, half fit, and I didn’t want to hunt down vents). I had issues with them staying connected and keeping up with the logic, but I also think that was highly related to my GE Link bulbs that I got rid of finally.

I do think they drop the CFM a bit at the register compared to one without the electronics in the way.

If someone came out and did this in Z-Wave, with a less restrictive vent design, I would go for it.

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Hi Eric,
Have you tried to use the Keen Home Hub as a ZigBee repeater? I had some disconnect issues at the beginning, but by adding a ZigBee repeater, I solved the disconnect issues.

Refer to


I had one and it didn’t make a difference. My finger still points at the GE Links bulb being the culprit.

Here are some testimonials under my SmartThings thread:

P.S. And, now my zoned Heating/Cooling solutions work much better with Nest using this DTH:

Would a pressure meter be able to be used to alert you the air filter needs changing? For example: normal pressure (when active) drops by so much.

Almost certainly, if they were acting as relay points in the mesh to some of your vents then yes, it’s highly likely the issues you experienced were because of your GE Link bulbs.

I got rid of all my GE Links (except the Daylight version). One of the best things I’ve done to improve my zigbee mesh.


When these vents first came out, we all thought you’d be able to do something like that. @yvesracine’s app’s use pressure for safeguard purposes, but not really for a use case like yours. It would be nice though. Perhaps he can chime it.

The pressure differential would certainly vary from one furnace to another, and probably from one filter to another… So, I don’t see a systematic algorithm to do this in a reliable way…

My 2 cents.

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Hi- is anyone else experiencing delayed responses from these Keen vents, or sometimes no response at all until a soft reset?

Any advise as to how to increase reliability and/or repose time of these vents?

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You can use a zigbee repeater to avoid disconnects. The Keen home hub can be paired to the SmartThings hub to act as a repeater. See the instructions in my previous post in this thread:


Thanks for the help. I’ll try that. I have a few filters on order, so I guess I’ll be adding to it now.
That’s the price we pay for greatness :expressionless:

I have random vents that “lose” connection. what it really is, is the batteries expand and shrink as the temp in the vent swings and eventually get “stuck” in such a way they loose contact.

Things I have done to make that better

  • pulled the foam off one side to make the batteries more loose in the battery holder.

  • pulled the springs a little to make them taller.

Please Note, These are fixes I have done, and am not telling you you should do it too. If you break your vent or void anything, that is on you.

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I just purchased the scheduletsatZones app a few days ago, and I have 8 rooms with 6 zones configured. Each of the rooms has a temperature sensor assigned, and each of the zones has a cooling offset applied. However, I am noticing that none of my vents are opening more than 25%, even when the room is far out of range of the set temperature (e.g. 80 vs. a set temp of 72). Any idea why this would happen?

Hi @pcotter,

As indicated in the installation file (in the downloaded zip), all the use cases for the ScheduleTstatZones smartapp are documented at the ST community wiki.

  • First, have you set up the vent control settings in GeneralSetup?

ScheduleTstatZones has many features and you need to set up the vent control flag to true in order to control the vents (the default is false).

  • If the vent control flag is set, could you send some logs from the IDE using Live logging?

It`s hard for me to tell you if you have some configuration issues without any logs…

Refer to the ST community wiki for more details:

And, send me the logs to

EDIT: After checking your logs, the issue is the custom DTH that you are using which returns “program” as the thermostatMode and does not follow the ST standard capabilities. My smartapp cannot then determine if your thermostat is in cool, heat, or auto mode.

#1 - yes, that is enabled.

#2 - I will send you the logs I have for now, let me know if you need more

is there a DH for the Keen Vents that will let them execute locally ?
Trying to reduce my cloud dependency if possible and will probably switch to a ZWAVE thermostat and get rid of the ecobee


There is currently no such thing as a custom DTH that executes locally. Only ST built device handlers get that privelige…

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