Just getting started, first problem

So I finally took the plunge… got the Smartthngs set that is on sale this week. Plugged in the hub, decided to start with the Smartthings brand outlet. It setup great. Works with the app. Now, step 2, see if it will work with my Amazon Echo… nope. I paired the Smartthings and the Echo, then did the discover devices… have preformed it several times, but Alexa can not find the device. I even had Alexa searching while I turned on the outlet… so what am I missing. I want to take this a step at a time and have each device working before I move on. Thanks for any advice.

Did you go into the Amazon Echo smart app and select the devices you want to give access to?

Echo only recognizes a very few device classes for the connected home category, basically lights and switches. Although it may be that you hadn’t authorized echo to see it.

There are two separate things you can try.

First, take a look at the echo FAQ (this is a clickable link) to make sure you’re authorizing the devices from smartthings to echo:

Next, if it is a device class that echo doesn’t recognize, you can still use the IFTTT integration to access it. See the first post in the following project topic. Although this particular topic is discussing harmony, that IFTTT method is the same for any smartthings device in the SmartThings IFTTT channel. So it’s an easy way to get past the device class restriction.


Wow, THANKS… yes I missed a step. I also booked marked the FAQ to refer to as I add more devices… so neat this morning to walk in the office and say “Alexa, turn on my desk”… and get coffee and walk over to my desk where everything is now on and waiting… I just sooooo wish Amazon would let me call Alexa “Computer”…again, thanks.

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Congrats… Happy Thanksgiving

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Welcome aboard! There is a pretty steep learning curve to ST, but with patience and determination it is well worth it.

In the beginning my wife thought I was nuts. This all started with the invitation email from Amazon about the echo… Now, she can’t live without the automatons. She loves it!

It’s taken time and there are some pretty good pot holes to get past, but I think you’re on the right track… Taking it slow and ensuring each step is complete before moving to the next is a great plan.

And don’t forget, this forum will make your life incredibly better.


My husband pitched a fit when I bought Alexa… we now have 3 and he is more in love with her than me… this automation is showing signs of him moving his affections again… LOL

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Yeah, we have the also… One is still in the box!

Jarvis! And I would LOVE it if Echo responded use the same voice actor for Jarvis in Iron Man!


Alexa is like having a kid or dog and having to avoid saying certain things :smile:
I was on phone talking to their support the other day because it was not syncing in both directions with my audible book.
Alexa would pick up the the new position but is not sending it back to audible so when I listened in the car it didn’t know my place. To make a long story short they wanted me near hear to trouble shoot, but every time I said alexa on the phone she would start talking… lol what a pain.

Whenever I’m talking about Alexa and I’m within ear shot, I refer to her as the echo device.