Would like to hire setup/tutoring help for Amazon Echo, IFTT, & Smartthings integration

I performed a search before posting and noticed a few posts offering to pay for setup services, so I don’t feel too ashamed to reach out to the community.

While I’m very curious about learning the basics for all three platforms I’m currently very time constrained. Any chance I could interest an experienced community member in helping me plan out an implement some rules to get my smart home up and running? A few things I’d love to get going:

  1. Once I head out the door for work, floodlights should go on for 5
    minutes, unless it’s past sunrise and garage door open. This should only
    happen during the weekday.

  2. Once I leave the house, garage door closed, doors locked, alarm on.

  3. When I arrive home between the hours of X to Y, doors unlock, garage
    door opens, flood lights on for give minutes, some interior lights on.

  4. When certain lock codes are entered, interior lights on.

I’m hoping to learn as much as I can during the process.

See if these help:

I am not sure that he would be interested, and I am certainly not saying he would, but @pstuart may be able to help.

David, thanks for the plug. I sent the original poster a PM. Always happy to help publicly or privately.


pstuart, I’m very much interested! Thank you.