Just found new Z-Wave LED Go Control High Hat

Found on Home Depot, not sure if it would work. http://www.homedepot.com/p/GoControl-Z-Wave-Retrofit-Can-Light-Fixture-LB65R6Z-1/206591394

You can always check the conformance statement for any certified zwave product on the official zwave alliance site.

In this case, it’s just a plain multilevel switch. It should connect fine. :sunglasses: (A multillevel switch is dimmable.)

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Yes I know, I bought a Sylvania Zigbee, and have to figure out how to make it work as pressure fit. My housing has no mount for the spring clips. I might no be able to use any of these. I returned the Commercial Electric one which has friction mounts and spring mounts as it never stayed connected and in IDE it threw errors as the DHT was not fully compatible and missing part of the footprint.

Any reason why you are not going with a dimmer and regular retro led cans?

No mater what fixture I put in it has to be friction mount. The original fixture shorted out and can’t be rebuilt. So it is either retrofit or replace the complete housing.

I am asking why not use a wall switch and regular “friction mount” led “hats”? Do you have multiple? You can get the lights for about $10 bucks and a switch for $40.

One switch to control multiple “hats”=cheaper and more functional as you have a physical switch as well.

I really don’t get why people choose smart lights if they have the option for smart switches. Well, in most cases I don’t understand however, there are exceptions.

My cans are 5" and I tried three different brands and non e fit. These cans are builder specials, don’t meet the same diameter as Home Depot or electrical supply house. They are not exactly 5" so the standard 5’ Puts two much pressure on the LED housing. I have been an electrician for 32 years, And have even called in some friends still working and we tried everything in the truck. I guess I will be removing the fixture housing this weekend, my wife is going to have a fit as we just finished painting. I have some fixtures here that are on a very steep angel and about 30 foot in the air. I needed to replace the trim, they are another 8" high hat, but no standard trim fits the angle. So I couldn’t replace even the fixtures if I wanted to. So I had a custom shop build new trims and I built a scaffold and rebuilt all the internal parts. My wholesale price was 2,200. Every other fixture in the house has been replaced with LED. The ceiling fan in the den on the peak of the ceiling took three of us four hours do to the height and the angle.

Funny, I was helping a friend couple weeks ago on this as well. It was suppose to be an hour max. Well… you know the story. Bloody custom housing I tell you.

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