Just a Button? 1 button, nothing more fancy?

Thanks James, I have reviewed that list prior to posting. Didn’t turn out to be much of a list.

Ugh, yep! Just got it today. Everything I read online specified that it works with smartthings. Then I set it up and none of the buttons are recognized as switches. When I went to troubleshoot I found a support pdf with more detailed instructions that are very different from the smartthings compatibility requirements in the product description, which finally mention the hub requirement. Back it goes.

What is a cheap WiFi phone?

Philips sounds great but their bulb pricing bumped me out of their market. We’d end up investing thousands in lightbulbs.

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I could go the smart outlet route instead, especially since I know that those reliably work as long as it turns out that each outlet has a neutral wire (120 year old house…) like it should. 1 is via extension cord though, and there is no option to change that lamp to its own outlet, nothing close enough. Jeez this house is complicated… maybe Ill just let guests fumble around in the dark and give them only 1 lamp!

Lol Trust me I know what you mean! 36 A19 color bulbs and 9 LIFX BR30s with infrared ($80 a pop) and 6 LIFX minis (cheapest of em all). Now I have to purchase 7 of the new Hue E12 (candelbra) colored bulbs to complete everything. Expensive as hell, but the good news is, not a single bulb failure to date…knock knock…

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Sounds great… and it’s a stand-alone button with no wiring required? Asking because the reason I didn’t get it is because in the photo it appears to be the kind that goes over an existing light switch. No light switch in this room, just 3 lamps. No in-wall wired light switches nor lighting at all. It’s gotta be a button I can slap on the wall. If so that’s a winner.

I see your point. If I wasn’t already 15+ bulbs into Cree, I’d probably take the plunge and switch just for the time savings :-). I’ll admit right now I am hitting the point where it’s becoming silly to spend so much time testing and returning buttons when I could be ripping out carpet, re-hanging doors and painting garages… :confused:


:joy: There should be an official 12 step program for all of us. HAA

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Best solution yet. Step 1: more baileys in my hot chocolate.




The Sylvania can be standalone, used on a table, or put over a wall switch. It’s battery operated, no wires. You would have to mount it to the wall some way, as you can see from the pictures it’s pretty big.



Is the back of of it flush so that it could easily be mounted to the wall itself?

Do you mean in general? Or a specific model?

In general, just means you buy a cheap no contract android phone and never activate it. It will still work with your Wi-Fi so apps will still work with it, including the flic app.

If you mean specifically, Walmart always has one or two models under $25, which ones they are vary literally from week to week.

So you leave it plugged in at home logged into your Wi-Fi and you pair your Flics to that.

You can use the flic with SmartThings through the free IFTTT service very easily.

There is a way to take IFTTT out of the equation and catch the flic app on your phone, but it’s very technical and a lot more work to set up.

As I said, we really like the form factor on the flic buttons and we do use them in our house. But the Sylvania device will pair out of the box with SmartThings and should work very easily. So if you like the look and feel of that one, I would definitely choose that one over the flic.

Here’s a flic at my house. This is at nose height for my service dog and knee height for me ( i’m in a wheelchair with limited hand function), and it’s a nice soft touch which is good for both of us.

But different things work for different people and sometimes even in different rooms. :sunglasses::dog:

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Is the back of the Sylvania flush or flat that it can easily be slapped on the wall like the Flic? I see the pic of it on the table and over a light switch, but think she just wants to slap it on the wall itself (no light switches) be done with it and go paint a garage or two.


It comes with a back plate, but I’ve only ever seen it used as a table top remote and that has little tiny feet on it. I don’t know if you can take those off when you put it on the wall.


@adamoutler should know, he’s done a lot with these. :sunglasses:

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Oh that’s perfect. Those are tiny feet. Two small Velcro strips and that baby is on the wall without an issue.

@WideSmiler see that picture above. I would think if you put up two small picture Velcro strips, that covers ya. Clap on / Clap Off.

Thanks for finding that JD. I went looking for pictures and gave up.

I don’t have any but I really do like the look of the Flics.


If you want something that looks more like a regular switch but that you can velcro on the wall, you could try the aspire rf9500. It costs more than the sylvania remote but I think it looks better.

Another community member recently added the rf9500.


Respectfully, every single device discussed so far in this thread is also on that FAQ list. Plus at least a dozen more. I understand your frustration in not being able to find the perfect button, but the community has worked pretty hard to keep that list up-to-date and comprehensive. So I’m not sure what you were expecting, but we can’t list devices that don’t exist. :disappointed_relieved:

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Aesthetically this one to me is the most pleasing to look at and just a simple flat switch smacked up on the wall. This one has my vote for what you are looking for. JMO

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Sigh, $1600, that seems nice. I don’t even want to calculate what I’ve spent. And there seems to be no end in sight…