July 2020 Community Update

We are updating the community to add clarity and readability along with other enhancements


  • Top links were removed
  • Logo was replaced with original logo / Dark Theme logo switches to white type
  • Container was fixed to match content area and footer containers


  • Main menu was re-organized
  • Categories links are now more visible
  • Marker for active theme is now more pronounced


  • Footer sticks to bottom now no matter how short/tall the main content is.
  • Color scheme
  • Newsletter sign up is now more visible and user friendly
  • Divided into developers and customers
  • Added social links
  • Added resourceful links
  • Badges to download ST app were included

As always, we are listening to your feedback so keep letting us know how to make the community a better experience for everyone.


Changes should be fully implemented now, please reply here if you have any issues.

The footer separation between customers and developers is a very welcome improvement. :sunglasses: