Judge stops sale of Ring Protect home security systems


And right after consumer reports said the ring product was the best value in the low-end security offerings. :wink:

Zonoff Has been involved in several patent violation cases going back a couple of years. It’s one reason that the Staples home automation hub was dropped, it had been developed by zonoff and apparently There was some impact on the development cycle because of the lawsuits.

CEPro had a good round up article a few months ago on all the various patent violation allegations against zonoff

Note in particular this now prophetic passage from author @juliejacobson ( emphasis added)

While Zonoff shareholders lost their baby, all 75 Zonoff employees (including shareholders) were hired by Ring, which set up an office in the Philadelphia area to house them all.
Ring plans to use the talent to expedite integration with third-party solutions, and hasten the deployment of a broader Ring ecosystem.
Of course, the big question is: What can they develop that isn’t already patent-protected?